Remember those secondary school days where straight cut bangs were the in look? Well, not anymore these days. Sport that and you’re likely to be called the girl who ‘never quite grew out of her kiddy days’. Sad, but true. Long, side-swept / middle-parted fringes are the foolproof style that will never go wrong, but if you’re the kind who follows Korean dramas and celebrities, you’d start to notice that our fellow Asian female counterparts know exactly how to rock bangs — and still look so elegant and sophisticated at the same time.

Here’s the obvious secret: the “see-through” bangs!

Pinkage see-through bangs side view


The see-through bangs look so effortless, so easy-breezy-beautiful, but as we all should know by now, beauty comes at a price. And as simple the style looks, they are actually pretty hard to master. You’ll of course, need to put your hair in the hands of a trusted hairstylist — and I mean one who knows their Korean hair trends well. And secondly, after getting your hair cut, there’s the styling part, where you’ll have to roll the bangs in hair rollers to get them to be all poof-y and have precisely that little curl in it.

Pinkage see-through bangs top view


But for those who’ve been growing out their fringes will know that it’s a huge commitment to chop off a long, sentimental mane. Imagine the amount of time it takes to grow it all back! The best solution, would be to get a wig. No need to even get a full wig of hair, just a simple clip-on bang-extension will do the trick.

And you guessed it — Korean wig supplier Pinkage has just that. They offer wigs in the form of bangs, so you can still sport your own luscious hair with a faux fringe, without having to cut away any of your natural one.

Pinkage see-through bangs instructionssource

So how does it work? You’ll have to first clip on the see-through bangs. Pick either the one with the side strands to frame your face, or just the actual forehead bangs itself, and arrange it till you’re satisfied with how the wig sits on your head. Then, you’ll have to trim the wig to the desired length. Since it already comes with a standard style, you’ll likely just have to cut it shorter to suit your face shape. Then, go ahead and style the faux hair just like how you’d do for your natural mane.

And there you have it, your very own see-through bangs! After the first time, you can set your hair separately and just pop them on whenever needed. How easy is that? So now you can sport the Korean look, and whenever necessary, just take the wig off and have your original bangs back.

Pinkage see-through bangs backview, unworn Pinkage see-through bangs side view, unworn Pinkage see-through bangs colours


These come in a whole range of colours from a dark brown-black to more a more golden chestnut shade. They are made of high quality yarn, so they won’t be damaged easily compared to natural hair, should you want to self-dye them to your hair colour.

Pinkage see-through bangs before and after


Pinkage doesn’t offer international shipping, but no worries! You can easily get these wigs at US$20.21 a piece by putting up a request on Airfrov. Then, a friendly traveler can help bring your “see-through” bangs back for you.


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