Hong Kong Disneyland Releases Cookie, A Friend Of Duffy!

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It’s 3rd July! You know what that means? Hong Kong Disneyland will be releasing a new character today!! Yay! Duffy will be introducing a new friend, Cookie! Along with the three other friends, ShellieMay, Gelatoni and StellaLou, they will bring happiness to everyone. A cute little chef, Cookie is a yellow bear with green eyes and big ears that wears a chef hat and loves to cook and creates unique recipes!

Her merchandise include, pins, hats, a bag and a plushie! Adopt her today ❤️

Here are some of the Disneyland Cookie merchandise you can expect to discover:

1. Disneyland Cookie Plushie (HKD$328)

Disneyland Cookie Plushie

2. Disneyland Cookie Pins (HKD Varies)

Some of the Cookie pins are double-sided and can be reversed 😍

Duffy + Cookie pinDuffy and friends pinDuffy and friends pin 2Limited Edition Cookie pin- limited to 800 pieces Cookie pin – Members limited edition

3. Disneyland Cookie Hat (HKD$218)

Walk around Disneyland with this cute hat, alternatively you can hug it as it is a full size Cookie 😜

Disneyland Cookie Hat

4. Disneyland Cookie Crossbody Bag (HKD$178)

Carry all your essentials in this functional crossbody Cookie bag! Cute and convenient~

Disneyland Cookie Crossbody Bag

5. Disneyland Cookie Headband (HKD $138)

If you’re not a fan of the bigger hat, opt for the Cookie headband! Featuring her signature chef hat and big ears!

Disneyland Cookie Headband

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