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Suntory Premium Morning Transparent Tea


S$ 15  (excl. service fees)

Brand:  Suntory

Purchase From:  Japan

Deal in:  Singapore

Estimated Dispatch Date:  14 Dec 2017

First ever transparent Milk/Lemon Tea from Japan! A refreshing drink that is hard to imagine unless you try it yourself.

Suntory Beverage & Food Limited launched the Japan nationwide sale of the Suntory Tennensui PREMIUM MORNING TEA Milk as part of its Suntory Tennensui Product lineup.
Whats unique is that this beverage is clear, tasty, natural & healthy!

Suntory Milk Tea also use milk-based ingredients to achieve the richness of milk.

Luxuriously extraction from Assam tea leaves also creates the vibrant and rich aroma of the tea.

3 bottles for $15

Available variants

3 bottles of milk tea
S$ 15
3 bottle of lemon tea
S$ 15
2 milk tea + lemon tea
S$ 15
2 lemon tea + 1 milk tea
S$ 15
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Eunos Mrt
Paya Lebar Mrt
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05 Dec 2017, 07:06 pm

Hi, I'm unable to join this spree as nothing happens when I click the "Join Spree" button

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07 Dec 2017, 09:33 pm

Are u able to courier instead of meetup? I will bear local courier charge

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07 Dec 2017, 10:30 pm

Courier like TaQBin & NinjaVan requires sender to open account with them

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08 Dec 2017, 09:10 am

Yeah but you still need to deposit the items at Airfrov then Airfrov will use their courier to send items to me.



14 Feb 2018, 12:12 am

Hi, can I still request this?

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