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Guan Heong CNY Goodies


S$ 10 - 14  (excl. service fees)

Brand:  Guan Heong

Purchase From:  Malaysia

Deal in:  Singapore

Estimated Dispatch Date:  28 Jan 2019

There are no better affirmations to show that Guan Heong Pastries are top notched and worth your buck, with nearly 500 bottles of CNY goodies sold on Airfrov's pre-order in 2018. We know that Guan Heong pastries are the favourites of Airfrovers and will always be!
The Century Old pastry shop from Ipoh will yet again bring to you freshly baked tasty traditional handmade CNY snacks such as pineapple cake, butter cookie and many more. Recognised as the best food souvenir choice by many foreign and local visitors, this is a definite must buy.

*Disclaimer: We seek the understanding of Airfrovers, due to the items being fragile, upon receiving, some pastries may have slight damage due to overseas logistics handling which is beyond our contro

Available variants

Handmade Taiwanese Pineapple Cake (8pc/box)
S$ 14
Cranberry Oatmeal Cookies
S$ 13
Milky Almond Cookies
S$ 13
Milky Hazelnut Cookies
S$ 13
Milky Peanut Cookies
S$ 13
Red Velvet Cheese Cookies
S$ 13
Kueh Bangkit
S$ 10
Crispy Seaweed
S$ 10
Arrow Head Chips
S$ 10
Salted Egg Series
S$ 13
Pounded Peanut Candy ( 3 Packs x 20pcs)
S$ 12
Meat Floss Lotus Paste (1 box x 9pcs)
S$ 12
Salted Egg Meat Floss (1 box x 9pcs)
S$ 13
Dried Pork Lotus Paste (1 box x 9pcs)
S$ 14
Hawaiian Biscuit (5pcs/box)
S$ 14
Meet up Meet Up
Airfrov Collection Centre 36 Purvis Street #02-15
S$ 0
Self-Collect (Park N Parcel)
S$ 2.50
Courier Delivery
S$ 4.50

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07 Jan 2019, 08:24 pm

Hi, can my family help me collect at Air Frov office on my behalf? If yes, what is the process? Also do i have to bring my own bag or you will supply bag to put the purchase?

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08 Jan 2019, 05:47 am

Hi, when to collect?

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Tong bang

11 Jan 2019, 09:03 pm

Hi. can i order the salted egg floss 9/box ?

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Audrey Chen

12 Jan 2019, 11:46 pm

Can I add items not listed in your list?

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JoeyC 💫

13 Jan 2019, 12:54 pm

Hi, can I check for the red velvet how many pieces are there in 1 container?

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Alicia Eng

13 Jan 2019, 10:56 pm

Hi got their signature meat floss with lotus paste biscuit?

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Airfrov Traveller

14 Jan 2019, 11:12 am

Hi Alicia, we have added in the variant :) You may place your order now. Thank you!


Alicia Eng

14 Jan 2019, 08:07 pm




15 Jan 2019, 11:41 am

If I opt for courier delivery when can I get the items?

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15 Jan 2019, 03:08 pm

Hi, is it possible to order the Hawaiian biscuit? Thanks.

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Kerin Ong

15 Jan 2019, 05:36 pm

Hi. If opt to collect "park n parcel, will the cookies be crush etc?

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18 Jan 2019, 08:41 pm

Hi Airfrov, any rrad

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Joyce Wang

20 Jan 2019, 12:39 pm

Hi Airfrov. Any of the cookies do not contain milk and eggs?

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