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Aroi Mart Snacks Special


S$ 12 - 24  (excl. service fees)

Brand:  Aroi Mart

Purchase From:  Thailand

Deal in:  Singapore

Estimated Dispatch Date:  07 Sep 2018

Aroi Mart brings the most delicious and aroi Thai snacks, food and treats from all over the kingdom. Driven by a mission to share Thailand’s culinary wonders through everyday snacks that ship easily, Aroi Mart only picks the most original and authentic Thai food and drinks. These are foods you would otherwise have to fly to Bangkok just to get a taste of!

Featuring top local favourite snacks:
1. ChaTraMue milk tea (Thailand most popular tea brand, so good even tuk-tuk cha uses them!)
2. Chaosua Porkfloss cracker (Jasmine rice crackers made to crispy perfection since 1958)
3. Fruit King (Thailand number 1 Vacuum Freezed Fruits)
4. JFruit (Strong competitor of Fruit King)

Airflown specially to our beloved Airfrov customers!

Available variants

Fruit King Durian (Best Seller)
S$ 24
Fruit King Mangosteen
S$ 14
Fruit King Mango
S$ 13
ChaTraMue Tin
S$ 15
ChaTraMue (3-1)
S$ 12
Chaosua Rice Cracker
S$ 15
JFruit Dehydrated
S$ 15
2 packs JFruit Dehydrated Durian
S$ 20
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Airfrov Collection Centre 36 Purvis Street #02-15
S$ 0
Self-Collect (Park N Parcel)
S$ 2.50
Courier Delivery
S$ 4.50

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