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Comma Handmade Design Socks


S$ 24 - 46  (excl. service fees)

Brand:  Comma

Purchase From:  Thailand

Deal in:  Singapore

Estimated Dispatch Date:  07 Sep 2018

Incredible comfort and irresistible prints don’t just keep your feet happy – they’re (hand)made to impress every time you kick off your shoes.
Socks are one of the most intimate and personal pieces of your daily wardrobe, and the socks from Comma are made to bring out your character. They are uniquely handmade to freely fit any feet, and hand-screened with an array of prints, and styles that bring confidence and comfort when walking in your shoes – or out of them!
Handmade unisex style and fit. Premium breathable cotton and polyester blend for soft comfort!
Comes in set of 3 and 6. Please PM designs after order.

Available variants

Set of 3
S$ 24
Set of 6
S$ 46
Meet up Meet Up
Airfrov Collection Centre 36 Purvis Street #02-15
S$ 0
Self-Collect (Park N Parcel)
S$ 2.50
Courier Delivery
S$ 4.50

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