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Yeast Pastry House 2018 Mooncakes


S$ 22.90 - 36.90  (excl. service fees)

Brand:  Yeast Pastry House

Purchase From:  Malaysia

Deal in:  Singapore

Estimated Dispatch Date:  12 Sep 2018

Yeast Pastry House uses fresh, quality ingredients to hand-make their signature egg yolk puffs! Only fresh egg yolks are used to ensure the best texture
The Shanghai series is Yeast Pastry House's exclusive with the aromatic tea-infused lotus paste! The mooncakes are also lower in sugar, suitable for diabetics!

Package of 8 consists of one of each flavour:
1x Pure Lotus with Egg Yolk
1x White Lotus with Egg Yolk
1x Pandan Lotus with Egg Yolk
1x Honey Longan Lotus with Egg Yolk
1x Shanghai Pu Er Lotus
1x Shanghai Oolong Lotus
1x Shanghai Jasmine Lotus
1x Yam Mooncake

If you buy a bundle of 4 or 6 pieces, you can choose the flavours and drop us a PM with the flavours you want! Hurry and get yours now!

Available variants

8 Piece Bundle
S$ 36.90
4 Pieces
S$ 22.90
6 Pieces
S$ 30.90
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Self Collection at Airfrov Office 36 Purvis St
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23 Aug 2018, 01:28 pm

If I buy 4 pieces, I can choose 4 different flavors?

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27 Aug 2018, 10:10 pm

Can I know which are the more or most popular flavors?

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Elicia Wang

27 Aug 2018, 10:38 pm

Does the yam comes without york?

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