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Charlotte Necklace Louis Damas


Rp 2.158.750

Brand:  Louise Damas

Origin Country:  France

Kirimkan ke:  Indonesia

Estimasi tanggal pengiriman:  21 Feb 2020

Kota pengiriman:  Jadetabek

Fine 24k gold. 19 cm long. Limited stock.

Louise Damas is one of the jewelry brands only French girls know (that we don't). Louise Damas' designs are handmade. Naturally, they carry the unique and sought-after essence of French style. All of their jewels made of 24k gold. French style. Vintage. Classic. Minimalistic.

LOUISE DAMAS Charlotte Bracelet
This necklace forms a pretty chain with vintage inspiration in brass gilded with fine 24k gold. It is 49 cm long. Shapes that don't resemble each other, sometimes a smooth texture, sometimes engraved, sometimes both.

Avoid all contact with water to preserve the gold of the jewelry. Protect them everyday from dampness by keeping them in a dry place. Never wash them with chemical products. Rub them simply with a soft cloth and a bit of talcum powder.

Boleh request jewelry lain juga :) Last order 16 Feb. Eta 20 Feb.

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