How It Works

Chloe Yong
Joined 3 May 2015
Chloe Yong is an avid collector for jigsaw puzzles, she loves to try unique snacks and knows where to get a good bargain for branded bags.


Chloe now has the accessibility to buy overseas products by getting a traveller to help.

She also gets to save on exorbitant shipping cost by tapping on the extra luggage space of a traveller.
What she does on Airfrov

She can choose to copy an existing request by clicking on the “I want this too +“ sign or post a new request.
Once she accepts a traveller's offer, she will make a deposit of her “Willing to pay“ price plus additional 7% + $2 Airfrov's service fee.

After receiving the item, she can “Acknowledge Delivery“ and leave a review for the traveller. This helps to make the community awesome!
Joined 9 April 2015
Lilian is a Hong Kong based Singaporean who travels to and fro frequently. She loves to share good bargains that can only be found in Hong Kong.


Get to earn extra money by helping others to buy and bring back products from overseas on her business trips.

As a “Verified Traveller“, she gets to recommend products to show her prowess and local knowledge to her followers!
What she does on Airfrov

She posts her trips and offers to “Help to buy“ requests. She will receive the amount “Willing to pay“ for each request completed.
She will be reimbursed within 7 days after a requester acknowledges delivery.
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