Okay, not gonna lie here — the first look at Daiso Korea’s latest makeup line almost had us gagging. In delight, of course. We mean, the entire range of millennial pink, girly-chic beauty products just does not look like they belong to our favourite $2 store. We are going to go as far to say that these beautiful babies can actually be passed off as a 3CE collab.

Honestly though, we have to give it to Daiso Korea for the adorable Crush On You line. Gone are the tacky, utilitarian packaging, but instead replaced with ones that we will actually throw money at for. Plus, nothing over S$7…!!!

You have what you need for almost a full face. There’s a tone-up cream, BB cushions, eyeshadow palettes, blushes, mascaras, lip balms and lip oils. Keep browsing ahead for the entire collection:

Starting off with the base makeup: The Everyday Tone-Up Sun Cream is a CC cream, primer and sunblock all in one, so if you’re one of those who want that extra few minutes of snooze in the morning, this all-in-one product will definitely work for you.

3000 Won (S$3.60)

Next up, the BB Cushions. The packaging… is really having us crushing hard. Two colours are available, Light Beige and Natural Beige. These BB Cushions are formulated with 10 different complex fruit extracts so that they sit atop your skin beautifully, while brightening and whitening your complexion at the same time. Plus, the quality of the sponge isn’t compromised too, Daiso Korea actually had the generosity to include an actual thick, squishy BB puff. *cries*

5000 Won (S$6)

There are two shades for the blushes, Love Pink and Orange Sherbet. Both are white-based pastel shades, perfect to nail that classic Korean look. These blushes are very build-able, so you can go intensify the pigment according to your look of the day.

2000 Won (S$2.40)

Moving along to the eyes… there are two eyeshadow palettes, one with neutral browns, and the other with pops of pink and purple. It’s somewhat reminiscent of the way THEFACESHOP markets their palettes; one neutral, one colour. We already have our eye on that luscious aubergine shade in the pink palette.

5000 Won (S$6)

The mascaras come in two different colours, brown and black. They have your typical mascara wand, but what really caught our eye was the packaging detail on the tube itself. Seriously, we will gladly buy these mascaras just to put them on display on our vanities.

2000 Won (S$2.40)

And lastly, the lips. Let’s start with the lip balms — they come in three colours: clear, fuchsia and tangerine. These lip balms are formulated with argan, olive and macadamia seed oil to really penetrate into chapped lips and moisturise from within.

2000 Won (S$2.40)

If you are looking for some real pigmented lip oil tints at a crazy affordable price, Daiso’s got you. These bad boys are not playing when it comes to colour. A single swipe and you get enough coverage to create a subtle gradient lip look. Three colours available: Red, Fuchsia, Tangerine. Plus, there are 10 botanical extracts and shea butter in the formula that’ll keep your puckers hydrated and fresh.

2000 Won (S$2.40)

Reviews have generally been positive for the Crush On You range. Check out this in-depth video by Korean beauty guru Edward Avila for more details:

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