If you’ve yet to hear about the marble make-up range from Korea, “Dear Dahlia” then you’re in for a treat! Korea’s latest beauty line has been getting quite the attention from makeup enthusiasts, sporting an ever-popular marble print, with each product boasting a gorgeous packaging with rose gold gilded accents.

The range marriages beauty styles from both the east and west – with an essence of Korean beauty partnered with a European flair leading to one of the most unique beauty ranges out there. Check out their offerings:

Say hi to Dear Dahlia, Korea’s latest beauty line that’s been getting quite the attention from makeup enthusiasts. Clad in the ever-popular marble print, every product boasts a gorgeous packaging with rose gold gilded accents. It may all seem very Westernised, but rest assured the essence of Korean beauty still lies inside. Check out their offerings:


The perfect afternoon with Dear Dahlia 🌼

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Officially ready for Autumn 🍂🍄

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Coming right in with five popping lip colours the you can pick from, these lipsticks are of a creamy satin formula that’s going to keep your lips hydrated while still looking gorgeous. The product combines plant-based natural ingredients with the skin-conditioning properties of the Dahlia flower.

$40 / piece


NUDE BEIGE ; Moist Semi-Matte ; Pure radiance for fair skin tones ✨

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miraculous marble foundation ✨

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It won’t be a Korean beauty line without a good line of cushion foundations, yes? Dear Dahlia stocks three shades of their semi-matte foundation, all created with Ecocert Certified Organic ingredients that won’t irritate even the most sensitive of skins. The sponge used is also specifically engineered to not absorb and retain product in its layers, so you get maximum product usage and hygiene levels.

$54 / piece


For those who only prefer a light layer of sunscreen on lazy days, feel free to leave out the foundation, and instead pat on a quick layer of one of Dear Dahlia’s more intriguing offering, the Sun Cushion. There is no pigment in the product so you can’t expect average from it — but what it does is to add a natural brightness to your skin without chalky residual remains or dryness.

$48 / piece


By now it should already be a learned secret that the best way to apply product onto your face is using a beauty sponge. Tons of iterations of the beauty sponge have emerged ever since the BeautyBlender broke into the beauty industry, and Dear Dahlia is not different. Sporting a diamond-shaped form, the Multi-Blender is both beautiful and functional at the same time. The flat sides of the sponge can be used for applying product on larger areas of your face, while the pointy tip is great for precision work, as well as the famous “baking” technique.

$15 / piece

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