There are two things that Singaporeans will definitely bring home from their holiday in Japan: boxes of Tokyo Banana, and packs of Kit Kat bars in flavours exclusive only to the land of the rising sun.

Both the Tokyo Banana and Japanese Kit Kat have each branched out to various flavours and collaboration — there’s the famed matcha Kit Kat, and the exquisite sake flavoured one — as for Tokyo Banana, they’ve since launched banana shakes and had sweet red bean baste cream for the treat’s filling.

So for those who are die-hard fans of both snacks, you’re in luck.

There will now be… Tokyo Banana Kit Kat!!!

These chocolate treats will house a creamy banana mush filling in its centre, so biting into it gives your a taste of both crunchy, and soft. Such a combination will be the first for Kit Kat, so fans can get the best of both the original Kit Kat chocolate, as well as the decadent banana filling of the Tokyo Banana.

Both brands have also collaborated on an exclusive logo that will be printed on the chocolate, and they will be packed in beautiful baby-yellow packaging — reminiscent of the actual Tokyo Banana box.

These treats retail in boxes of 8 (650 yen) or 15 (1,200 yen) and will be available at Tokyo Okashi Land from 15 Nov – 9 Jan 2018. They will then be sold at more places in the Kanto region after that.

Feeling peckish for some Tokyo Banana Kit Kat? Simply put up a request on Airfrov at the link below and a friendly traveller will have your treats flown back for you!

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