There are certain childhood characters that’ll have a special place in our hearts. Growing up, these fictional characters indulged our imagination and defined our childhood. Most girls would have – at a certain point of their childhood – hoped to be a princess and live a life of happily ever after.

And we’ll never get too old for these characters. From the adorable Hello Kitty to disney classics like Mickey and friends, they’ll stay close to our hearts and make us squeal in delight as they permeate various lifestyle items we never thought would be possible. Recently, a wave of Alice In Wonderland items have been popping all over the world, fuelled by the popularity of the recent Alice Through The Looking Glass movie sequel. The little kids in us are squealing in delight as we bring you some of the items Alice and her friends are making a guest appearance on.



Alice in Wonderland Collabs OPI

As part of the OPI Brights Collection 2016, this collaboration will see nine limited-edition shades inspired by the colourful and whimsical movie. Just like the new movie, expect hues ranging from fun to mysterious.

Alice in Wonderland Collabs OPI

Our favourite will have to be Fearlessly Alice, a beautiful shade of cerulean blue that mirrors Alice’s sweet pinafore.



Alice in Wonderland Collabs RMK

Japan-based cosmetic brand RMK will be releasing their Alice inspired collection from 15 June and from what we’ve seen, you can look forward to a Face Colour Correcting palette that comes with a motif of Alice trapped within your compact power. The six-in-one colour palette come together to form a luminescent finish on your face.

Also part of the collection are eight nail polish colours that are fronted by an iconic character from the movie.


Alice in Wonderland Collabs melissa baby blueAlice in Wonderland Collabs nude melissa

Prance around with these sweet looking flats from Melissa shoes Brazil. Their special Alice In Wonderland collection will see character’s silhouettes imprinted in the insoles and decorated with motifs like bows or hearts. With delicious pastel hues of blue and pink, the young one in you will be delighted at their adorable shoe collection that’s all shades of dainty.



 Alice in Wonderland Collabs Beyond x Alice in Wonderland


Following their first Alice-themed makeup collection, called ‘Alice in Glow’, Beyond has now released a second collection. The new collection, ‘Alice In Blooming’, looks as floral and spring-like as the name suggest.



Floral motifs punctuate all their packaging, from the Blooming Snow Cushion for coverage and moisture, to the Two Tone lipsticks, you’ll be more than ready for your summer adventure.


5.Irregular Choice

 Alice in Wonderland Collabs irregular choice 2 Alice in Wonderland Collabs irregular choice 1


Known for their bold and dramatic designs, it seems only natural that this show brand soon released an Alice In Wonderland collection befitting of all things enchanting and fantastical. Their intricately ornate heels effectively capture a slice of the fictional world and translate them into walking pieces of art, and walking in them is literally like taking a step into the movie.

Embrace the madness of Wonderland in our unique Cheshire flats now available @pinupgirlclothing 🇺🇸

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Our favourite will have to be the Cheshire Flats which is the perfect balance of colour and fun.


6. Essentiel-Antwerp

Alice in Wonderland Collabs essential


Marrying this whimsical character with everyday fashion staple is Belgium clothing brand Essentiel-Antwerp. Their Alice In Wonderland collection promises to be fun and bold, yet suitable for a typical day out. Add a little fun into your wardrobe mix with these cute outfits and accessories.

We also love their Alice inspired accessories, like this Alice Face Motif Application Clutch whose expression is every bit relatable. Shop Essentiel-Antwerp x Alice in Wonderland collection here, and ask travellers to help you bring it back! 


7.Urban Decay

Moving away from the cutesy stuff, Urban Decay turns the antics up a notch and focuses instead on the trippy and mysterious side of things from the movie franchise. The Glass Shadow Palette sees deep jewel-tones inspired by the various characters from the movie. The box also mirrors the drama with a 3D cut-out butterfly unfolding as you open the box. Is your heart fluttering with temptation? You can get your hands on it for yourself here like what one of our users did. 



Screen Shot 2016-06-02 at 12.09.26 PM Alice in Wonderland Collabs Primarksource

Affordable fantasy is exactly what you can find at Primark with some of their Alice inspired fashion apparels. Shop a complete head-to-toe look without having to burn a hole in your pocket. 



Alice in Wonderland Collabs a+b-alice

Street label b+ab elevates high street fashion to the next level with their Alice Through The Looking Glass collection, which will feature motifs and pictures from the movie itself. Check out the full collection on their website


You can now add a hint of dreamy fantasy into your collection of fashion staples.


10.Disney Store (Japan)

Alice in Wonderland Collabs Disney Store Japansource 

No one sells fantasy as well as Disney. The happiest place on the planet is certainly a manufacturer of smiles as well – we can’t help but fall in love with this adorable keychain that has Alice topsy-turvy and hanging upside down. From knick-knacks to apparels and fashion accessories, it’ll be a hard time trying not to buying everything on a whim. See what others are getting from Disney Store here.


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