Being stuck in an airport due to flight changes or delays is always a bummer, especially if you’ve walked the same row of souvenir shops a billion times. But now with this handy wifi password cheat sheet by travel blogger Anil Polat, you can kill time and access the internet no matter which airport you’re in, anywhere in the world!

Just click on the airport you’re in, marked by the little blue airplane symbol, and you’ll get the wifi network name and password. There are also recommendations on where to sit to get the signal for the wifi – how handy is that! No need to worry about spotty connections or wondering which network is free to connect to.

free wifi password airports around the world

Click on the image to access map and passwords!


With free wifi, it’s also great for checking if you can help the Airfrov community buy items found at Narita or Incheon Airport – so you can possibly make a bit of spare cash while waiting to board your plane. Happy travels!