Homeowners (or new homeowners-to-be), have you ever felt the pain of coming across a vase during your travels that you just know will look great displayed on your dining table, only to be faced with the grim reality that it would be near impossible to bring it back?

How about that guilt pricking feeling for not getting that gorgeous candelabrum you discovered at Anthropologie, or that mesmerizing mosaic glass light that you were bargaining for in Turkey?

Now you can have all the home décor pieces you want from around the world because you can get someone to buy these products for you with Airfrov! (And get the latest home design inspiration from Qanvast!)

Limited edition kicks for a cool shelf display

Yup, now you can get someone on Airfrov to get you these much coveted limited edition shoes that you know will look swanky displayed in your shoe cabinet. After all, it takes some super cool shoes to complete your shoe cabinet display!

Nike Flyknit Oreo

Nike Flyknit Oreo (Request to buy from United States here)


Qanvast: Altez, NeuKonceptz (2/14)


Qanvast:Space Vision, Tampines (4/7)


Unusual food and trinkets that will add personality to your home

Sometimes, the things that you need to complete the look of your home can only be found overseas. But woebegone! Now you can get whatever you need from overseas to really make your place pop with tons of personality. Whether you like unusual food or trinkets, you can now easily collect them to create a one-of-a-kind home that you love.


Tokyo Banana (Request to buy from Japan here)


Chia Te Pineapple Pastry (Request to buy from Taiwan here


Qanvast: Linear Space Concept, Senja Gateway 


Qanvast: Prozfile, Canberra Residence


Rare toys or merchandise that are a collector’s dream

It is easy to tell when somebody is a huge fan of a certain brand or merchandise, because you will see it all over their home. If you’re a hardcore collector of Lego or Star Wars merchandise, you know how difficult it can be to secure these items locally. Why not ask someone on Airfrov to get them for you overseas? Expand your collection at home and build a mini museum that will have guests ooh-ing and ahh-ing when they come over!


Lego 10240 Red Five X Wing Starfighter



Qanvast: Aiden T, Pasir Ris


Hello Kitty beanbags (Request to buy from Japan here


Qanvast: Meter Square, Tampines Central 8 

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