Weaker Australian Currency: What is cheaper to buy in Australia?

With Australian dollars hitting an all time low, it’s good news for us shoppers in Singapore.
We smart shoppers should now be checking the Australian shopping sites, and keep a lookout for retailers who have yet to adjust the pricing gap. If the weak Australian dollars is here to stay, what will be cheaper to buy from Australia?

Below are some brands with significant price difference from Singapore, take advantage of them now!
While you may not see huge savings for 1 single item, it’s always better to combine your shopping list, to maximise shipping costs. Otherwise, you can always ask the Airfrov community, whereby we have a helpful group of travellers willing to share their luggage space with you!

Get H&M Cheaper from Australia

Are you a fan of H&M affordable basics range in Singapore? For dressier styles, check out H&M Australia’s site for cheaper options! We noticed an average of $10-20 savings per item, with wider range of parkas and jackets on the Aussie site. So stock up if you’re travelling to cooler countries!


H&M cheaper to buy in australia

H&M cheaper to buy in australia

H&M cheaper to buy in australia

Get cheaper Surfing/Swimwear from Roxy & QuikSilver Australia

Surf and beach wear in Singapore generally comes with a heavy price tag. Especially when there’s only a few players in the market like Roxy, Ripcurl, Quiksilver & Billabong in the market, our choices are limited. Where to get cheaper surf apparels in Singapore? Check out Australia sites of course, where there are more choices of surf and swim wear available. By buying from Roxy & Quiksilver Australia, we can save an average of $10-$20 per item before shipping charges.



Roxy cheaper to buy in australia

quiksilver cheaper to buy in australia



Get Cheaper Pandora Bracelets & Charms from Australia

A group of Singaporeans ladies have been charmed, by the accessories offered by Danish retailer – Pandora. Thanks to the weak Australian dollar, there is a wide price gap in pricing for bracelets & charms in Australia as compared to Singapore. Our price comparisons show that Pandora bracelets can be cheaper in Australia by more than $200, and individual charms can be purchased at $30-$60 savings. Besides Australia, you can also check out United States for limited edition Disney designs – see what our community have request for!


pandora cheaper to buy in australia

pandora cheaper to buy in australia

Which Sports apparel brand is cheaper to buy in Australia – Lululemon

The rise of popularity in yoga & pilates in the recent years comes with demand for stylish, active wear. Lululemon is one of the first few to enter Singapore market, but they too, comes with a hefty price tag. The good news is, there’s always an alternative to getting your hands on them as proven in our comparison below. By ordering Lululemon apparels from Australian site, you can save up to $50 – $100 per item. Our price comparison against the prices in the U.S also shows an average of 20% saving!

lululemon cheaper to buy in australia

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Do you know of any other brands that are more affordable in Australia?
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Unless you’re waiting for the Australian dollars to rise again, don’t wait and take advantage of it now!
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Price comparison is based on exchange rate as of 9 Aug  AUD $1 : SGD $1.03