Where all our Wannables at??

The k-pop group, Wanna One, debuted in August 2017 after being formed in the TV series Produce 101. Unfortunately, the end of their contracts with YMC Entertainment is drawing near… Without any official news if the band would be extending their contracts (which supposedly ends on 31 December 2018), it’s time to collect all the Wanna One merch in the event of the worst case scenario (touch wood!!!). 😣

wanna one photocards

So here’s how you can get your hands on some newly-launched limited edition Wanna One photocards of your favourite member(s). These Wanna One photocards are found exclusively in Korea and are expected to be snapped up fast, so you better be quick!

Lotteria x Wanna One photocards

Order a set meal for about ₩10,000 and receive a free Wanna One photocard set? It doesn’t get easier to collect k-pop merch than this… Except this special event is only available at the fast food joint, Lotteria, in South Korea. Get a set of your favourite with the help of travellers here!

Innisfree x Wanna One photocards

Since Innisfree uses natural ingredients from Jeju in their products, in this exciting collaboration between the Wanna One and the k-beauty brand, the k-pop group brings fans on a tour around the island. Check out the first episode here:

As part of the collaboration, Wannables can collect merchandise sets of their favourite Wanna One member free of charge by purchasing ₩20,000 worth of Innisfree products. Each merch set consists of Wanna one photocards, a mini poster and stickers of a single member. Request for a set or two here!

Here’s how Airfrov works:

Now, request away!