They say that make-up is a woman’s war paint; her armour. So what better to arm yourself with than Wonder Woman’s armour? We can’t stop talking about how amazing the latest Wonder Woman movie is, and Walgreens (one of America’s largest pharmacy) has relaunched its Wonder Woman makeup collection to help us fight our daily battles with style.

Armed with big, bold, and bright colours, this expanded collection has cosmetics bags, brushes, lipsticks, lip gloss, tints, nail polishes, nail stickers, and eyeshadows. The packaging and colours ooze power and confidence, just like Wonder Woman herself. The make-up pouches are delightfully inspired by the Wonder Woman comics and let you tote your make-up around like a geek-chic fashionista.

Wonder Woman Lip Gloss USD $1.99

Wonder Woman Lipstick USD $2.99

Wonder Woman Eyeshadow Compact USD $6.99

walgreens wonder woman makeup

Allegro WB Wonder Woman Face & Eye Set USD $12


Wonder Woman Lip Balm USD $1.99

This collection available exclusively in Walgreens stores in the U.S. However, you can get an Airfrov traveller in the US to buy some for you. Place your request on Airfrov now!

walgreens wonder woman makeup

Image source: Refinery29/Walgreens