If you’re a fan of Line Friends and bored of their regular plushes, you’re in luck! Line Friends Japan and Korea have both just released new collections and they’re both definitely one of the more unique collections we’ve seen.

Line Friends Japan Brown and Coney - Liberty Collection

To commemorate spring, Line Friends Japan has released their Liberty collection, covering Brown and Coney in florals. Both the characters also have matching tote bags, accessory pouch and pencil case. So it’s just a matter which is your favourite character. If like us, you can’t choose between Brown or Coney, just pick your favourite character!

Line Friends Japan Coney set and Brown Set - Liberty Collection

Line Friends Korea however, seem to be going in a less conventional route. They’re dressing up Brown and Choco in complete denim, in a collaboration with Japanese fabric maker, iSKO.

Brown Friends Korea - iSKO Choco and Brown

Not a fan of denim plushes? Line Friends Korea has also released a casing for your laptops. Their denim casing features Choco and would be perfect for 13” notebooks or even just for keeping your notes.

Line Friends Korea - iSKO Choco

But we can’t all head to Japan or Korea to get these plushes for ourselves. And you don’t have to! Just place a request on Airfrov and traveller heading to these countries can get you a plush!

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Images from: UBeauty and Line Friends Japan