Have you noticed that the design range found in Under Armour retail stores are awfully limited as compared to the full range on the U.S webstore? This is especially so for limited edition designs launched either first, or exclusively in the U.S only.

Fans of Under Armour were overjoyed when they first landed in Singapore, but we were utterly disappointed (or already predicted?) that we still have to reach out to friends who are travelling or rely on shipping methods to fulfil our wish list.

By the end of this post, you will know our little secret to getting full-fledged Under Armour products, sans high shipping fees!

under armour singapore
Image source: Instagram @Underarmourwomen


Before we whine, we ought to thank Singapore’s lifestyle retailer, Triple, for achieving exclusive distributor rights to launch Under Armour in Singapore and South East Asia. Under Armour is best known for being fashionable yet functional attire for sportsmen who want to look good while enjoying a solid workout.

under armour singapore

As with every other international brands which venture overseas, Under Armour did not carry it’s full fledge of products from United States to our shores. Knowing many of us would enquire about the differences in product range, they already have an answer to that on the Singapore’s website FAQ page to pacify us: “every market is different and we will therefore offer different Under Armour styles in different countries”.


Here are some designs we found in the U.S webstore, that are unavailable in Singapore: 

[mk_gallery images=”27510,27501,27486,27500,27493,27483,27498,27485,27487″ style=”grid” structure=”row” column=”0″ scroller_dimension=”400″ thumb_style_width=”500″ thumb_style_height=”380″ enable_title=”true” height=”500″ margin_bottom=”20″]

By asking Singaporeans who are travelling in the United States for help, you could get your Under Armour items faster and most likely cheaper than using standard international shipping or freight forwarder.


Getting Limited Edition Under Armour Items to Singapore 

Spot a duffel bag, shoe or attire on the web store but couldn’t find it in Singapore? Post up a request on Airfrov with your willing to pay price, and a community of helpful travellers will be notified of your request. 


under armour singapore

Just recently, a requestor managed to get her hands on “Project Rock x Under Armour backpack” for her boyfriend which is sold out in the U.S two weeks from its released. Lucky requester, even luckier boyfriend!

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