We have had the pleasure of interviewing a Japanese living in Singapore and learning some of her shopping secrets in Japan and where we can buy cheap Japanese snacks!

Japan shopping

Introducing Mana Ogawa, originally from Yokohama (beside Tokyo, Japan). Mana has been living in Singapore for three years now and is the founder of Girls Bee (a community and platform that helps empower ladies). She is also an official columnist at Forbes Japan.

What is one thing you will always buy back from japan?

Food and Cosmetics!


Japan shopping cheap secret

  • Salted plum, umeboshi. We eat that with rice or by itself.
  • Rice fermented milk, a Japanese traditional energy drink. I can get it in Singapore but it is quite expensive.
  • Fresh Wasabi. I have to order it online first before going to Japan so that it will arrive when I go back.


Japan shopping tips cheap secret

  • Lotion from MUQ – My friend owns MUQ and the products are made of organic, good quality ingredients. It is produced in Japan and the price is quite affordable. Around ¥5000, so about SGD$60.
  • Base makeup from Naturaglace. I have been using it since living in Japan


Do you have any favourite places to shop at in Japan?

Omotesando, near harajuku! This place is quite high end but if you go into the small streets near the main street. There are some cute boutiques.


Shopping omotesando Japan cheap secretOmotesando

(Image credit: Nano B)


Japan shopping cheap secret Ura Harajuku


“Also known as Ura-Hara, this quiet area is full of independent designers shops and vintage clothing shops. This is where fashion lovers come to shop. So if you are seeking for a different and unique style, this place is for you!”

(Image credit: Dennis)


Japan shopping cat street cheap secret

Cat street (in Ura-Hara)

“Over the years, the street has instead become a gathering spot for boutiques, cafes, food trucks and hole-in-the-wall eateries. It is a very relaxed place where everyone can wander around and just enjoy themselves.”

(Image credit: Metropolis Japan


What are some shops that tourists should know about?

I think very local supermarket that tourists don’t know about. If you alight at the smaller stations, you will be able to find them. The snacks are sold cheaper there compared to department stores in Shinjuku and Shibuya. You may even find something interesting 🙂

Cheap shopping japan supermarket secret

100-yen shops

These shops sell a range of products such as snacks, stationery, and even kitchenware at a discounted price!

(Image credit: Fast Japan)


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