Brands collaborate with each other all the time, and that phenomenon is very prevalent among beauty labels. But if we had to pick out the one brand that’s always got itself enrolled in kickass collaborations… it’ll have to be THEFACESHOP. Disney, Pixar and Marvel are just some of the awesome brands that THEFACESHOP has collaborated with in the past, and their latest collaboration is equally as awesome!


This time, they’re joining arms with famed KAKAO Friends mascot, Hoodie Ryan! You can expect the adorably stoic face of the bear to appear on the packaging of the entire range, from makeup to skincare. Check out our top picks:

Hoodie Ryan Mono Pop Eyes

Before even delving into the colour selection, the packaging of these eyeshadow palettes are so darn adorable we’ll gladly get both for ourselves. Pick from a close up of Hoodie Ryan’s face, or the equally cute Hoodie Ryan cartoon. The palettes from in two different colour curations; a bright, punchy selection of burgundy and tangerine, or a more muted collection of taupes and baby pink.

Hoodie Ryan Special Cushion Case

Now, you can’t say that you’ve indulged in any of THEFACESHOP’s brand collaboration offerings if you don’t have their limited edition cushion case, yes? This time round the cushion case is fashioned from the round face of Hoodie Ryan! Every purchase of the cushion compact will come with a refill — that will be kept in a vinyl pouch, scratch-free, till you’re ready to use it.

Hoodie Ryan Mini Make Up Bars

These mini coloured bars are extremely popular in Korea now, given how petite and travel-friendly they are. And you can mix and match to create your perfect selection of makeup bars, depending on your beauty needs.

THEFACESHOP offers their makeup bars in trios: the Sweet Tone Up Bar comes in pastel shades of green, peach and blue for colour correction; the Volume Cover Bar in tones of ivory, beige and brown for contouring and highlighting purposes; the Vivid Cheek Bar in variations of orange, red and pink to add colour on your lips and cheeks.

Hoodie Ryan Volume Up Tint

Looking for plumper lips? Search no further, for the Volume Up Tint boasts a special formula that plumps and softens lips with a non-stick product consistency. There are four different colours, in the typical Korean lip tint shades of red, rose, orange and pink. A fun point to note is that the colour’s name will also be imprinted on the applicator wand.

Hoodie Ryan Chia Seed No-Shine Hydrating Cream

We never say no to Korean skincare, but you already know that. So introducing the No-Shine Hydrating Cream, an intensive moisturiser that can be used in the day or night. The formula hydrates your skin without making it look greasy; and in fact mattifies the skin a tad bit too, so it’s a good product to use under your foundation. The cream is made with seed oil and cotton seed extract for maximum hydration.

Want a piece of your very own THEFACESHOP x Hoodie Ryan? Check out the spree via Airfrov at the link below to secure yourself the makeup that you desire, before everything’s sold out!

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