The most wonderful time of the year is almost here!

As we walk through the streets of Orchard & into the malls to busk in the sights and sounds, a lot of us also take this time to travel out to experience the Christmas festivities in a different light!

Though Christmas is a huge spectacle event in the western part of the world, the holiday has also picked up around Asia. If you’re still thinking of heading out this Christmas but time is of the essence, here are some suggested places to visit.

1. Japan

If you’re looking for a place to fill up your Instagram with bright lights in the city, Japan is the place to go. With the numerous illuminations display set up throughout the country, you’d be sure to capture the essence of Christmas and create your digital scrapbook in no time!

There are many illumination points but here are some suggested ones to start you of:

Nagamekuro River

If you fancy a romantic stroll for Christmas eve then the Nagamekuro River is one of the most popular places to go! With a gorgeous blue grotto theme, with myriad shaded of blue and violet shimmering off the gentle waters – this is the perfect place for a Christmas date.

2 stops from  Shibuya on the Tokyu Toyoko Line, Nakameguro is convenient and easily accessible. You can find the river only a minute’s walk from the station!

Tokyo Midtown

This year marks the 10th anniversary of Tokyo Midtown’s annual Christmas celebration, with the highlight of the event being the “Starlight Garden”. The 2,000m² midtown park square will be covered in a whopping 280,000 digitally controlled LEDs, setting a marvellous Christmas theme.

Leading up to the days of Christmas, the illumination is incredibly popular with couples bringing a compulsory bottle of champers with them, so if you want to avoid the enormous crowds, you should go early!

Sagamiko Kanagawa

An hour from the metropolitan area, is the fantastic Sagamiko in the Kangawa prefecture. The Lake Sagami Pleasure Forest amusement park is absolutely striking incorporating over six million LED lights for its show.

Shopping is also extensive in Japan and especially so with the seasonal releases ranging from food, streetwear to cosmetics. If you’re considering getting a unique gift for a friend or loved on, you’d be spoilt for choice!

2. Korea

Korea is a popular destination for everyone from street food to shopping!
 The fun for all is upped a notch during the holidays where the festivities come to life; from Christmas Villages to specialised entertainment such as the one at the crowd favourite theme park, Everland, where you can experience snow sledging for yourself!

This year you can enjoy the Snow Festival which can be enjoyed by  children of all ages can enjoy fun activities in the snow. One of the most popular activities that can be done is the the “Snow Buster”, an exciting snow tubing course.  The tube-lift system gets tubers back to the top of the hill faster for a more convenient experience. In addition to the snow buster activities there are special performances and entertainment to be enjoyed at the winter festival including the Winter Play Time, Moonlight Photo Party, Run Run Run! Fantastic Band, and more!

3. Philippines

A place closer to home but guaranteed to fill your hearts with joy is the Philippines! 
Known to start the celebrations in September, one would be able to experience the whole array from Christmas light up, carolling on the streets and bazaars!
All that’s missing is the snow!

Here are some suggested places to visit:
Cebu / Manila:


Naturally the 2 cities would be a sure thing to visit. With the brightly decorated city landscape, massive malls and churches, these places will be bustling with life!


If you’re looking to celebrate the festivities in a ‘Christmas In Paradise’ fashion. Palawan might be your answer. With pristine beaches and natural wonders, Palawan is truly a great vacation spot for couples and small families.

Baguio City, Benguet:

You’ve got the sights & sounds, now all that’s missing is the snow to complete the experience. Baguio City might be the answer to that! While there is no actual snow, the city is known for its’ chilly weather at the end of the year. So grab your jackets & beanies and go forth!

4. Taiwan

Similar to Japan, Taiwan does not consider Christmas to be an official holiday, so on the 25th of Dec, everything still operates as per normal but that doesn’t mean they do not partake in the festivities! Quite the contrary, this year, the celebration of all things Christmas can be found at Christmasland – located at the newly developed area around Banqiao train station!

In order to mark the festive period between Christmas and Chinese New Year, Christmas land incorporates elaborate venue and event planning efforts to touch visitors’ hearts with a sense of joy.

With a gorgeous illumination, the happiness-evoking enclave creates an experience like something out of a fairy tale. This Christmas experience sone of the country’s tallest Christmas trees, fun-packed rides, large concerts, and markets selling handmade goods to carnival parades.Designed with all different ages in mind, Christmasland is an all encompassing and inclusive embodiment of festive atmosphere.