When you have access to anything in anything country, what would you buy?
These 7 eyebrow-raising requests caught our attention. What do you think of them?

#1) Ceramic Skull Serving Bowl 

Where do you go in Singapore when you’re looking for Halloween props? With the limited selection in Singapore, it’s no wonder why our Requestor Grey is looking overseas for her supply. She’s eyeing on a pair of  Ceramic serving bowl in the shape of a skull from Michael’s – an arts and crafts store in the USA.

If you’re planning a Halloween party, Michael’s store seems to be well stocked with an affordable range of spooky skulls and skeletons!

Planning a spooky soiree? You came to the right place! #SpottedAtMichaels

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Check out Michael’s store for cheap deals from as low as USD $1.99!


#2) JB Lok Lok


After it was reported in the news that Singaporeans use Airfrov to order Kam Long Curry Fish Head, we also received orders to buy fried Lok Lok from our friendly neighbours in Johor Bahru. Do they still taste as good after cross-border delivery?


#3) KFC Japan Coin Bank for Charity “Add Hope”

We’re used to seeing McDonald’s Happy Meal toys but not from Kentucky Fried Chicken. Their branch in Japan released a limited edition coin bank in the shape of Colonel Sanders. Bundled with their meals at 390 Yen each, proceeds will go to “Add Hope” Charity group in Japan.

Why haven’t we seen anything like this in KFC Singapore?



#4) Suntory Premium Morning Tea 

At first glance, you may be amused why are Singaporeans looking to buy mineral water from Japan? Take a closer and you’ll realise that these transparent bottles are labelled “tea”.

Not just teh-o tea, but teh milk tea. Is milk tea still milk tea without the milk and the tea?

From the challengers who love pushing the limit for innovation, Japanese company Suntory introduced transparent, colorless milk tea. How did they do it? The folks use Assam tea leaves for flavour and secretive “milk-derived ingredients” to simulate the taste of milk, producing a refreshing drink that goes well with your breakfast.

If you’re one of those Singaporeans who’re game for quirky drinks, get yours from Japan for 131 yen each, or 2 for $10 via Airfrov travellers.


#5) Owl Bag from Morn Creations, Hong Kong

To what extent would you include your favourite pet or animal as part of your outfit? Here’s a request for a realistic looking Great Horn Owl school bag!

This bag is from Morn Creations in Hong Kong. They specialise in handbags and backpacks with the shapes and designs of animals.

Besides Owl, they also have designs of sharks, blue whale, rabbit, big cats and rhino.

Would you carry them?


#6) Onan Korea Lumena N9-Fan


Are you wondering like I do… Why are Singaporeans paying $29-$31 for a mini hand-held fan? Turns out, Korean boy band EXO was seen using them during one of their fan-meet, and the rest is history!

The N9 mini fan which is available in many colours is said to have long-lasting battery life. Would you buy it?



#7) Preserved Century Eggs from A La Bakery

Curry fish head yes. Hiap joo cakes yes, we’ve done it. But delicate eggs? These require extra effort for bringing them back!
The eggs in question are preserved century eggs from A La Bakery in Hong Kong. We were told that these eggs shared the same source as the famous Yung Kee’s century eggs (pei dan). Singaporeans and our quest for the best, of course, we would go through mountains just to have a taste of it. Thank you to our travellers for bringing them back on your flight!


Do you have any other interesting items in mind? Post up a request now, let our travellers do the shopping!

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