Once you are in Moscow on vacation or on a business trip, don’t miss the chance to try unusual Russian foods! Here is a selection of snacks from Russia you have probably never heard of before. All of them can be found in local stores. Plenty of tasty local snacks are waiting for you. Check them out!

1) Lays with fresh-salted cucumbers and dill


If you’ve never tried a local Russian cuisine, now you have a chance with a national Lay’s flavor! Summer fresh-salted cucumbers flavored with spices and herbs are usually served in Russia with boiled potatoes and it is a bright example of a traditional dish. In this case, cucumbers join together with crispy golden chips and both form a truly unique taste of homemade Russian food!

Price – 57.00 RUB


2) Vorontsovskie rusks

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National toasted bread with different flavors, such as onion, bacon, barbecue and a local dish – jellied meat with horseradish. These are crispy and spicy snacks, which are very popular among Russians to have with beer. One of the most popular snacks in the country!

Price – 17.50 RUB


3) Hrusteam rusks

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That is another example of Russian rusks in a form of baguette with different tastes like cheese, king crab, tomato and herbs. Made of white bread and tastes absolutely delicious!

Price – 36.00 RUB


4) Nuts and seeds bars

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Such bars are made of cleaned nuts, which are slightly dried and filled with honey. This is a traditional Georgian snack, called ‘kozinaki”, but it has a lot of fans across Russia and produced locally as well. Here you can find unique examples of this product, such as sesame seeds and sunflower seed bars. Due to the high content of nutritional ingredients, this product perfectly fills the vitality of the body.


Sunflower seeds bar – 33,80 RUB

Sesame seeds bar – 49,60 RUB

Peanut bar – 54,50 RUB


5) Pine nuts

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Exclusive nuts, which are full of vitamins and minerals, are picked up and produced in the central part of Russia – Siberia. These nuts are highly valued all across the globe and are actively exported to European countries. They are not as cheap as other nuts but are extremely nutritious and popular among healthy lifestyle lovers!

Price – 550.00 RUB


6) Sunflower seeds

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You can hardly find a person in Russia, who has never tried sunflower seeds. It is, without doubt, a top national snack! Russians often eat them while watching TV – It is a kind of local popcorn that is popular among people of all ages. Seeds also contain proteins and fats, which are good for your health!

Price – 40.00 RUB


7) Bite bar

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This is a 100% natural snack bar from Russia, which consists of fruits, nuts, berries and spices. Made by the team of enthusiasts, who want to make healthy lifestyle tasty, easy and convenient. There are different tastes, which are divided into following sections: mood, balance, intellect, immunity, sport, weight control and tonus. So nearly everyone can find his own flavor according to personal goals! The brand has also developed a national Russian edition of the bar with dates, pumpkins seeds and whole grains.

Price – 99.00 RUB

Check out the store locator | Instagram https://www.instagram.com/bite_russia/


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