Those who follow a strict skincare regime will understand how a true pamper session for your complexion can never be missing out on a special step: Sheet Masks. Of all the luxurious serums and creams that we plaster our face in, nothing quite compares to slapping on a cooling mask, and then have yourself relax while the magic ingredients in them soothe your skin gently.

Now, I personally am a self-proclaimed, true mask addict. I’ve tried masks with the usual calming ingredients, to ones that have bizarre additions in them. (Not kidding, I’ve had masks with horse fat and bee venom extracts on my face.) But when it comes to the true champions of masking — the Japanese are in the forefront. I mean, just take a peek into any konbini (Japanese convenience store) and you’ll have a whole array of brands with various functions to take your pick from.

The Japanese truly take their sheet masking very seriously, which explains their youthful, glowing skin. Ahead, some of the top sheet mask brands that you need to try, pronto.

1. Lululun Daily Face Mask

I promise you, these daily sheet masks are my absolute holy grail in keeping my complexion sparkling and hydrated. A general rule of thumb when it comes to masking is to only put one on twice a week. Lululun, however, breaks that rule totally with their daily sheet masks that you can use every single day. Thank you, Japan. My personal favourite is the High/Rich Moisture Mask, i.e. the blue box.

There are also other variants to the Lululun masks, such the Balance Moisture (Pink), Brightening (White), anti-aging for dry skin (Red), and basic anti-aging ones (Gold). Buy them in packs of 7 or boxes of 32. I personally need to have at least one extra box of the High Moisture mask by my bedside.



2. Minion Amino Moist Purupuru Moist Skin Mask

Cosme, a popular Japanese cosmetics online that Japanese truly respect actually ranked this Minion Amino Moist Skin Mask as the best sheet mask for 2016 — and that’s got to say something about how great the masks are, right? The brand is mostly known for their range of products that are catered to sensitive skin, and their sheet masks are no different. Ingredients present are very gentle on the skin, so as to not aggravate it even more. Many Japanese users have reviewed that the mask has really helped improve their skin condition while keeping it hydrated as well.



3. Quality 1st All In One Sheet Mask

It’s a pity that not many people outside Japan know of this luxurious sheet mask — but if the locals are in love with it, we absolutely need to get our hands on it. A single sheet contains 35 kinds of skincare serums, such as collagen, hyaluronic acid, lecithin etc. Basically, it has all the good stuff in it so all you really have to do is to slap on this mask and let it work its magic for you. It isn’t called all-in-one for nothing, yes?



4. KOSÉ Clear Turn White Vitamin C Facial Sheet Mask

When it comes to sheet masks, KOSÉ is a brand that’s no stranger to the scene. You might be familiar with their popular Lip Gel Magic, the one item that Airfrov users absolutely love. This range of sheet masks feature Vitamin C as their star ingredient, alongside 8 different types of amino acids that are targeted towards brightening and strengthening the skin’s elasticity. Some reviewers have also commented that the masks work better for folks with oily skin, and the sheet itself is not drenched with product to the point where it creates a mess when you try to fit it onto your face.



5. Utena Premium Puresa Hyaluronic Acid Excellent Facial Sheet Mask

Now, we’re pretty sure the name of the masks makes more sense in Japanese. But two words stand right out immediately — Hyaluronic Acid. This particular acid is a naturally occurring substance in our skin, and its main function is to provide moisture to our complexion. Which is why most skincare products contain hyaluronic acid, to help feed our skin with the moisture that’s lost throughout the day. Having on a face mask that’s packed chockfull of the acid is possibly the quickest way to let your skin have its dose of hydration — and that’s not even all — there are actual gold flakes in the mask that also help to further moisturise your skin for a beautiful glow-from-within.

Can’t find these masks in Singapore? Fret not, simply put up a request on Airfrov and a friendly traveller will have them brought back, straight from Japan, for you!