Top 5 Halloween Picks on Airfrov

Trick or treat Airfrovers!

2015’s whizzed by and October’s already here! We’re just weeks away from Halloween – the day kids dress up in scary masks and costumes, and terrorize their neighbours. For the rest, Halloween’s the perfect excuse for you to wear that outrageous (or skimpy) party outfit; but that’s a different matter altogether 😉

With retailers jumping on the ever-growing commercial bandwagon, Halloween gives us shoppers another reason to enthusiastically burn holes in our pockets (yay~). Further, platforms like Airfrov make it easier to attain that previously-elusive merchandise from overseas – as long as it’s in-stock, of course.

Since Halloween just around the corner, we’ve taken a long and hard look at the various product requests, and have drawn up a list of our top 5 Halloween picks on Airfrov!


5) Halloween Edition Plushies – Tsum Tsum and Pikachu (Japan)

Top 5 Halloween Picks on Airfrov

Hailing from the land of the rising sun, we have our favourite Tsum Tsum and Pikachu plushies, all geared up in their Halloween costumes. The Pikachu soft toys are available at Japan’s Pokemon Center, while the Tsum Tsums are sold at the Disney Japan Store.

We’re expecting these Tsum Tsums to be snapped up pretty fast once they’re released on 9 October 2015, especially the Chip and Dale ones!


4) Halloween Oreo Sandwich Cookies (United States)

Top 5 Halloween Picks on Airfrov

Wait, what? Orange coloured crème Oreos? That can’t be right. Then again, what’s Halloween without some Halloween-themed snacks at your disposal? Bring out the MasterChef in you with these Oreo cookies from the United States.

Top 5 Halloween Picks on Airfrov


3) Starbucks Mugs (Taiwan and Japan)

Top 5 Halloween Picks on Airfrov

Here are collectibles that will definitely whet the appetite of the numerous Starbucks fans on Airfrov. These quirky Halloween edition mugs from Starbucks Taiwan and Starbucks Japan will be the perfect addition to your current Starbucks collection.

Be sure to read our recent blog post on Starbucks collectibles from all over the globe.


2) LEGO 40122 Trick or Treat Set (United States)

Top 5 Halloween Picks on Airfrov

A mainstay for every festive season, LEGO launched its exclusive seasonal Halloween 40122 Trick or Treat set, much to the delight of LEGO enthusiasts. The set comes equipped with two mini-figures – a skeleton and a female trick-or-treater – and build consists of the front of a house and a small tree. LEGO’s seasonal sets have constantly proved to be popular on Airfrov. If you’re a LEGO fan, be sure to grab yours before they’re gone!


1) Hello Kitty Chucky Doll (Japan)


Airfrov’s Top Halloween Pick – Hello Kitty Chucky Doll

Standing at over 30cm tall and crawling straight from the nightmares of children, comes an utterly terrifying Child’s Play x Hello Kitty collaboration. These Hello Kitty Chucky dolls went on sale last month as part of Universal Studios Japan’s annual Halloween celebrations.

Unfortunately, the dolls sold out as soon as they’re launched. Unless there’s a restock, we doubt we’d be seeing any come through Airfrov. Regardless, Hello Kitty Chucky’s bizarre concoction of kawaii and creepy intrigued us so much we unanimously awarded it top spot.

Know of an awesome Halloween-themed product that we might’ve left out? Leave a comment below!

Do also check out the Halloween recommendations by our Airfrov Verified Travellers, including the Godiva Japan x Hello Kitty collaboration from Japan, as well as special Halloween-edition M&Ms from the United States.

Top 5 Halloween Picks on Airfrov Top 5 Halloween Picks on Airfrov

Image credit: Kotaku, I Dig Pinterest, Leaks-Photos