2015 has been an amazing journey for Airfrov, we can’t believe it’s already coming to an end! Before Airfrov, collecting items from all over the world was beyond our means. Now, we use Airfrov as an discovery platform to receive latest news of the coolest item or tastiest snacks which were out of reach in Singapore.

As we move towards 2016, we take a look back at the top items you’ve requested on Airfrov. We would like to thank all Airfrov-ers for your support and your insatiable crave for delicious snacks, as you will soon find out just how much we love snacks below!


Airfrov Kraft Handi snacks

#10 Kraft Handi-snacks Ritz Crackers – United States 
If you’re a 90s’ kid, you’re sure to love this. The crackers with cheese dip we used to enjoy can no longer be found in Singapore. However, our resourceful Airfrov-ers knew about it existence in the U.S and requested for it, attracting many other nostalgic foodies to copy the request. It’s time to feel like a kid again 😉


Airfrov Tokyo Milk Cheese

#9 Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory – Japan 
As far as we know, this delicious cookie cannot be found in Singapore but can be easily picked up at Japan’s International airport. If you’re a cheese lover, you have to try these 3 types of cookies: the Salt and Camembert, Honey and Gorgonzola, and Basil and Mozzarella cookie. Read the review of this cookie by our guest blogger here.



#8 Calbee Honey Butter Chips – S.Korea
This is not your usual potato chips. Made famous by K-POP celebrities, these Honey & Butter chips from Calbee were sold out nationwide in Korea for a long period of time. During it’s “stock-out” period, many companies came out with their own version of Honey Butter chips but never did really took over it’s No.1 place. Our travellers had to visit several convenience stores & supermarts to hunt down this one!



Airfrov Roti Sai Mai

#7 Roti Sai Mai / Candycrepe – Thailand 
Roti Sai Mai (pronounced Say May) is a Thai-style candy floss or cotton candy which is wrapped in a sweet roti. In order to enjoy this thai delicacy, you open up the crepe and place a small amount of thin colored strands floss in the middle, and wrapped it up popiah style!
This specialty which originated from Ayutthaya can be found at street stores, but the most popular one (and the one everyone is requesting for) is the one from CandyCrepe. Each set comes with 2 cylindrical boxes of floss, packaged in a instant-mood-lifting polka dot box.



#6 Shiroi Koibito – Japan
Shiroi Koibito, which means “white lover” is a European styled cookie sold by a Japanese confectionery based in Hokkaido. Sandwiched between two squared-shaped “langue de chat”, this is sold in Singapore specialty stores at 2.5 times the original price in Japan! It’s no surprise why the foodies use Airfrov to satisfy their cravings.


IMG_0879 CLsnlYtVEAA8oib

#5 O’Sulloc Green Tea Milk Spread – S.Korea

In South Korea, the O’Sulloc Tea Salon which specialises in matcha tea serves an extensive menu of tea and assortment of green tea desserts. While we can’t ask travellers to bring these back, they sure can help us bring back a bottle of this in-house Green tea milk spread. This spread goes well with toasts, waffles, crackers and even on its own. It’s a must try for Matcha lovers!
You can get this from local distributors for $17 a bottle, but Airfrov-ers are getting this at $30 for 2 bottles. #DontSayBoJio



airfrov chromecastairfrov chromecast

#4 Google Chromecast 2
The new Chromecast 2015 which was launched in Sept 2015 is a small device which turns your dumb TV smart. At just USD $35, it’s one of the most affordable device that lets you cast videos from your phone to your TV, and lets you Netflix and chill. Since it’s not available in Singapore at launch, techies turned to travellers for help to save on shipping cost.


snoopy_6-800x679 CWz2eISU8AAK-ca

#3 McDonald’s Snoopy Cushion – Hong Kong
There was no way we could have predicted Peanuts & friends would beat Hello Kitty, Gudetama and Tsum Tsum as the only cartoon character to be on this list! In conjunction with the release of The Peanuts movie, McDonald’s launched a series of The Peanuts Collectibles worldwide. The most attractive set has got to be the cushion set from Hong Kong which we’ve featured on our blog, and got more than 450 shares on our Facebook page.

Where are you Peanuts & Snoopy Fans? Don’t miss this chance to grab your favourite character cushion or Happy Meal toy from McDonald’s Hong Kong! #TagAFriend #SharingisCaring

Posted by Airfrov on Thursday, November 26, 2015



airfrov Jenny Cookies

#2 Jenny Cookies – Hong Kong 
This cookie needs no introduction. Even before they opened their first outlet in Singapore, Airfrov-ers were already requesting for it as a weekly snack, so much so that the Airfrov office smells like a Jenny cookie factory!
After they opened it’s door in Singapore, the prices were unfortunately not as affordable to be consumed as a weekly snacks. Thank god for the travellers who helped us queue in Hong Kong! Have you tried the famous butter flavor? Let us know what you think!


And here comes our Number 1 most requested item. In fact, a whole collection:

12308777_1012215315517881_6210292530507609329_n  starbucks korea1508094_709675245799406_5234588662002817410_n
#1 Starbucks Christmas Collection 2015 – S.Korea 
We witnessed the launch of several limited edition Starbucks release this year including Alice & Oliva, Anna Sui and Halloween collection. But none of the aforementioned could beat the hype around the latest Christmas collection launched in South Korea.

Featuring 2 collections of snowman and bears cups and tumblers launched over a month, it got all of us into a christmas gift frenzy, with everyone placing multiple requests for themselves and for their friends. We heard from our travellers that they were snapped up within 30 mins of launch. Were you one of the lucky ones who received yours?