Original Tokyo Banana x Kit Kat

Tokyo Banana x Kit Kat Original was released early last year and it immediately  became one of the must-get snacks from Japan. Why wouldn’t it?

It’s combining the best of both worlds – Tokyo Banana and Kit Kat. When people heard that the popular banana custard was being sandwiched between Kit Kat wafers, it surprisingly made us salivate.

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Those who tried it said that each bite contains a perfect mixture of Kit Kat milk chocolate while being able to retain the banana flavour that we are familiar with. In other words, an ideal blend of creamy, sweet and addictive. 

Guess what? 

Tokyo Banana x Kit Kat Premium Banana Milk

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This year, they’re back for an upgraded premium edition. When Japanese media released information on it, we initially brushed it off our shoulders because how premium can a Kit Kat get?

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Oh, we’re so wrong! Unlike the original release, this particular Kit Kat premium has been upgraded with premium Feuilletine – a crispy confection made from thin, sweetened crépes! 

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Feuilletine is mixed into the banana milk-flavoured white chocolate and coated with a dash of banana powder and spiced caramel powder for that memorable after-taste kick! 

Say no more because our minds are officially blown! 

Where to get it?

It will be on sale at Daimaru from 19 December 2018 to 9 January 2019. If you’re not heading to Tokyo anytime soon, that’s how Airfrov travellers have your back. 

One of our travellers is hosting a pre-order to bring back the original and premium Tokyo Banana Kit Kat just for you! To join, simply click on ‘buy now‘ button and you’ll be one of the first few in Singapore to be able to try the premium Tokyo Banana Kit Kat!

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