If Black Friday has not yet wiped out your savings or your appetite for more shopping – fret not.

There are still bunch of sales going on post Christmas. Now the retailers really need to clear their stocks!!!

Question – Why do my friends claim they can buy extreme bargains from USA using a VPN? Wait – what’s a VPN?

Answer: Many websites only cater to their respective local residents. They will detect whether you are from USA using your computer IP address (your unique address from your computer) and show you the respective websites. If you are browsing from Singapore, you will be directed to Singapore or the International site.

Hence you will not be able to browse the real DEALS!!!

Case study: Click on this link from Abercrombie and Fitch and you will see…




This is actually a link from a USA AnF website. In order to access it, you need to trick the website into thinking that you are from the States.

This is not hacking, don’t worry. (It is a shopping life hacking tip though!)



1) Easiest way is to access the website through a third party web routing page such as:


Pros: Free

Cons: Might not work all the time, Not able to access on some network (office network).

2) Or you may try to install a chrome extension called Hola -which after installing, you can just click on it at the top right hand corner of your Chrome Browser and chose your preferred country.


Pros: Free and Easy to switch from different countries

Cons: Will not work 100% of the time as well. Depend on hosting websites. Might disconnect while browsing halfway.


3) To really get into the groove of VPN (Virtual Private Network) you may also want to purchase an account for you to ‘mask’ your identity and country of origin. One such example for Singapore




or VPN Unlimited



Pros: Much more secured and stable connection and really ‘mask’ your identity well for visiting overseas websites. (You might want to try that on garment *cough cough* restricted websites too! )

Cons: Have to pay!!! Some setting up and installation process

Hopefully, you managed to circumvent such a small hurdle, to really get a super good deal.

Now go shopping at the same Abercrombie and Fitch website and see for yourselves what are you missing!!!

Disclaimer: We are not responsible for your bursting credit card bills or any squibbles with your spouse because of this blog post.



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Of course, if you know of other tips – please share it to others!