The Birkenstock sandals has always been lusted and loved by fashion gurus worldwide. Their most popular pair, the Arizona, which shot to fame because of its incredibly simple yet still classy appeal. This made them incredibly versatile footwear. Match them up with with skinnies, or pop them on with a casual shift dress and you’re good to go.

Birkenstock Arizona EVA


Now, we all know that beauty comes at a price, and a classic pair of Birkenstock Arizona will set you back at least S$119 (or even more). The sandals are suede-lined, making wearers feel like they’re walking on sand.

A cheaper option would be the Birkenstock Arizona EVA — exact same silhouette, but a waterproof version of the classic sandals. These are great slides for a beach day, or for a quick errand-running trip — all for a slightly more manageable cost of AU$66 (SG$71.13).

As you can probably tell by now, that Birkenstocks don’t come cheap.

That said however, should you still be yearning for the perfect Arizona-style sandal as an addition to your shoe wardrobe, these Korean-made versions of the classic Birkenstock Arizona EVA are completely enticing.

Al Cruiser variations - Alternative to Birkenstock Arizona EVA


Al Cruiser is a Korean footwear label specialising in EVA sandals, and we spotted that they have a series that looks just like the Birkenstock Arizona EVA. These come in goegeous pastel shades of baby pink and blue, alongside the classic white, black and navy.

And the best part? The Al Cruiser EVA sandals retails at an incredibly wallet-friendly price of KW18,900 (S$22.90)!


Al Cruiser Unboxing - Alternative to Birkenstock Arizona EVA

Al Cruiser Topview - Alternative to Birkenstock Arizona EVA


These sandals are as clean and chic as minimalist slides go. For those who’re concerned of the branding — the only visible logo is on the footbed. So when you slip on these sandals, there would be no logos visible on the exterior.

The silicone parts also feature a sleek matte finish. The insole is made of quality padding, allowing for comfortable wear. There are literally endless options as to how you can style these shoes up (or down), and a good wipe of the EVA material will clean your shoes just fine.

Plus, you could easily invest in a few colour options at one go, as opposed to limiting yourself to just one pair of Birkenstocks.

Not to mention, these Al Cruiser sandals are unisex too. Those looking for comfy, inexpensive and stylish couple footwear — you can thank us later!

We all know that the Koreans stand at the forefront of on-point, casual streetwear; and if the Al Cruiser gets the nod of approval, we need to get our hands on them ASAP.

So, if you’re keen on getting the inexpensive version of the Birkenstock Arizona EVA, we’d highly suggest the Al Cruiser ones. Simply put up a request on Airfrov and a friendly traveller will have your shoes flown back straight from Korea!


I Want Al Cruisers!


Source: @alcruiser