We all know how important eyebrows are. They not only help frame the face but also help make your facial features pop. You’d look more awake and refreshed with neat and filled-in brows, as compared to faint brows… which really, gives off a vibe of incompletion.

But as much as we’d all love to wake up to perfect brows, most of us, unfortunately, are not blessed with thick, arched brows that require no attention. For Asians especially, our hair strands tend to be thinner and finer, which is the reason why we often have sparse and light brows.

Yurica Tatto Pen for Eyebrows

We often fill in our brows with eyebrow pencils. But as waterproof and budge-proof these pencils claim they are, they are ultimately still temporary; and a quick swipe of makeup remover (or sometimes even sweat) gets it off. It’s quite frustrating sometimes, to have to deal with smudging brows under the sun.

So, hands up to those who wish they could have brows that are already filled in, and best of all — will not smudge at all. Well, your wish is granted, with a new treasure we’ve found – Yurica’s Tattoo Pen for Eyebrows!



How it works:

This Tattoo Pen is basically brow gel that you apply to your brows, either freehand or following the stencils given. Coat your brows evenly, and leave them to rest for about two hours. You can even apply the gel in the night, and go to sleep with them on!

Yurica tattoo pen for eyebrows - Airfrov Blog


After two hours (or longer), simply peel off the thin plastic layer that has formed on your brows. The gel will basically ‘dye’ your brow hairs so that you won’t have to go through the hassle of filling in your brows when doing makeup. Plus, the shape of the ‘dyed’ brows will also be a perfect arch / line, depending on your personal preference.

Now for those who have concerns about peel-off eyebrow gels:

> The Yurica Tattoo Pen is but a semi-permanent gel and the effect of the formula will last for about three to seven days. After which your brows will fade back to your natural colour. But perfect brows for seven days? That’s a whole week of not meddling with your brows!

>Upon application the gel may seem a little too dark for brows, but that’s just the colour of the gel. Do not freak out over the swipe of darkness on your eyebrows — after you peel the gel off, it’ll reveal a natural colour that doesn’t even look touched up.

Yurica tattoo pen for eyebrows - Airfrov Blog


It’s no surprise that the Yurica Tattoo Pen is being propelled to popularity. The after effect is insanely natural, and that’s exactly the look that’s really big right now — dewy and radiant skin with a set of neat, natural brows.

Yurica tattoo pen for eyebrows - Airfrov Blog


Colours currently available are Natural Brown and Grey Brown, the most popular brow colours. Each pen costs ₩ 12,000 (approx SDG 14.50).

Guess what? You can use it on your other half too!

Want the same magical power on your lips? Check out the lip tint version in this video:

Are you now planning to jump on the bandwagon of eyebrow gels, and can’t wait to get your hands on your very own Yurica Tattoo Pen? Simply post up a request on Airfrov and a friendly traveller will deliver your goodies back to you, straight from the origin country!

Here’s how to get Airfrov Travellers who are in Korea, to help you buy
1) Click on “+” icon here to copy other’s requests
2) Include the brow shade you prefer and a willing to pay price (includes cost of item + tips for traveller’s effort)
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4) Place a deposit – Airfrov will hold your money until the traveller returns with the right goods. Safe for both parties!
5) Sit back, relax and wait for your item to arrive in Singapore!

Yurica tattoo pen for eyebrows - Airfrov Blog Yurica tattoo pen for eyebrows - Airfrov Blog Yurica tattoo pen for eyebrows - Airfrov Blog

Yurica tattoo pen for eyebrows - Airfrov Blog