Christmas is a big deal for Starbucks. Looking for something chic, adorable — yet practical at the same time — for gifting purposes? Starbucks’ got your back. This Christmas, the various Starbucks in Asia have each released their own limited edition merchandise, themed to the season to a T.

Check out some of our favourites!

From Taiwan:

This season, lots of carousel-carnival fun, not shy of festive colours in red and green.



An adorable Santa plate never hurt anyone, yes?


Seriously — no better mug to hold the exquisite Starbucks Christmas blend while the Christmas jingles play in the background.


No one ever said no to an intricately designed snowflake tumbler. No one.

From China:

Lots of emphasis is placed on bringing out the beauty of the Starbucks mermaid, and we’re absolutely relishing in the fantastical collection.

129 Yuan

Oh yes, we can definitely get on board with the Starbucks mermaid vibes.

168 Yuan

Showing off your Starbucks bottle doesn’t get any more explicit than having the actual mermaid motif on it.

399 Yuan

Now, here’s a something special — a limited edition star pendent, fully encrusted with jewels. Wear it as a necklace, or having it dangle from your wrist as an elegant bracelet. Perfect for that Christmas party!

From Korea:

True to classic Korean fashion, Christmas for Starbucks Korea is filled with tons of adorable faces, in true Christmas colours.


PSA: Keychains in the shape of Starbucks mugs are now available!!!




Why hello, Santa. Welcome to our ever-expanding Starbucks collection.







Guys, you don’t want to miss out on the Christmas LED tumblers — these are so gorgeous, they’re lit.


What is this that our little eye spies… oh, just a casual Starbucks x Pantone planner collaboration. You know what, we’re getting this collection in all 5 colours.

From Japan:

It’s all fun and dandy with doodles this Christmas, at least for Starbucks Japan anyway. This year, treat yourselves to a bunch of cleverly artistic squiggly art that are sure to make for great conversation starters.


This mug looks cute by itself, but it’ll look even cuter with your favourite hot drink in it.


Rudolph the red-nosed Reindeer gets a doodle makeover!


The adorable Starbucks Bearista Bears get their special Christmas outfits! Get them both to accompany you through Christmas this year.


Say no more. This adorably stoic looking Christmas penguin bottle — wrapped in Christmas lights no less — will definitely make it into our wish list this year.

There are so much more to what is displayed here — so make sure you do yourself a favour and feast your eyes on full collections that are already available online! And once you’ve decided on your one true Christmas Starbucks tumbler, post up a request on Airfrov, and a friendly traveller will  have your items flown back for you!

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