As 2017 comes to a close, the Airfrov team likes to scroll through what you guys, our valued users, has requested over the past year. Trust us when we say are walking encyclopaedias of what’s trending overseas, where should you get your branded goods at a cheaper price… you name it, we know it.

But sometimes the occasional *ahem* unconventional *ahem* requests come along, and we can’t help but chuckle a little at them. We mean, some of you guys are willing to pay to get a Taurus in Pokemon GO, from USA! What can we say? With Airfrov, the world is truly at your fingertips.

Check out some of the funniest stuff that are trending on Airfrov for 2017:

1. GET ME THE: Largest Pug Plush Toy From Prudential Carnival

It is impossible to not know of Singapore’s happiest, most happening carnival — the Prudential Carnival at Marina Bay. Aside the neon-wrapped rides, there are also carnival games… complete with tempting prizes. Who doesn’t want to score the biggest prize? If you’ve got some good skills, help a friend out here!

2. GET ME THE: Retro Jumbo Aqua Afro Wig

For some reason, shoppers are requesting for… Afro wigs. For what, we don’t know — but what we do know is that somewhere out there, a traveller will be able to buy what your heart desires back for you. Even if it is a Afro wig.

3. GET ME THE: JB Lok Lok

When hunger strikes and your tummy craves lok lok, but Johor is way too far away… Airfrov is here to save the day. We get customers requesting for bites from across the causeway, and to be really honest, it’s pretty smart — you skip the jams, the queues, the legwork — but still get treats from a place as near as JB.

4. GET ME THE: Bibico Hanaputti Nose Insert

A pointy nose is always desirable, and when you don’t have the cash nor the guts nor cash to go under the knife, you get your hands on the Bibico Hanaputti Nose Insert. Simply put the insert into your nostril, and it’ll push the flesh of your nose outwards for a taller nose.

5. GET ME THE: Gosso Nose Hair Removal Set

While we’re on the topic of noses, those who are keen on having their nose hair removed might want to try Gosso, a nose hair removal set that makes use of Brazilian wax. Painful or not, we don’t know — but if shoppers are asking for it, it’s bound to be effective.

6. GET ME THE: Japan Mount Fuji Money Up Charm

As its name suggests, the Mount Fuji “Money Up” Charm is a supposedly effective trinket that’s meant to be placed in your wallet so that you money grows. It comes in three colours; blue, gold and red, and in the motif of Japan’s most famous peak, Mount Fuji. Those who got their hands on these charms, let us know if they work!

7. GET ME THE: Name Of This Bangkok Hotel

There are tons of luxurious hotels that you can stay at in Bangkok — and at affordable rates too, may we add. But when you specially want to cozy up in a specific hotel but don’t know its name, Airfrov travellers might be able to help!

8. GET ME THE: Candy Crepe 

Hailing from Thailand, Candy Crepe is a store that specialises in crepes of all shapes and sizes. They are able to create crepe sheets into different “candy colours”, and then manipulate them into different forms, such as shavings, ribbons, roses… you name it, they have it.

9. GET ME THE: Tauros For Pokemon GO

Surprise, surprise! Some of us here are still hooked onto Pokemon GO, and it’s such a bother that there are Pokemon who are exclusive to certain areas of the world. Tauros, for example, is only available in the States. Those who are desperate to complete their Pokedex may want to take a leaf from this requester’s book!

Now that you’ve had a glimpse of all that can be requested on Airfrov, it’s quite obvious that the sky’s the limit when it comes to shopping on the platform. Have something on your mind that can only be bought overseas? Download the app and place a request on Airfrov, and friendly travellers will have your goodies flown back for you!

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