You may have clenched your wallets tight for the recent Rilakkuma & Gudetama makeup collaboration, but you got to try harder this time. The Face Shop & Disney is releasing a limited edition range of makeup products featuring 3 of our all-time favourite characters! Effectively combining our love for cute Disney characters and the beauty brand’s most popular makeup items, now we have an excuse to carry Mickey all day, even to work!



The range of makeup products, from foundation cushions, blushers, mascaras to lip glosses look deceptively like toys and can double up as distraction to restless children. They come in three irresistibly cute designs – Mickey Mouse, Winnie the Pooh and Monsters Inc. Who says Disney is just for kids? We want to pocket them all into our makeup pouches!



The face shop x disney


For the face, choose from the universally recognisable faces of Mickey Mouse and Winnie the Pooh foundation cases to add some cheer to your makeup stash. Want something freakier? Monsters Inc. Mike Wazowski’s one-eyed face fits nicely on the rounded compact case in an ‘eye-popping’ shade of green. All three designs come with matching printed powder puffs that are just as delightful as their exteriors.

Update: The 3 sets of cushions are now up on sale at The Face Shop Korea’s site. Turns out, each cushion has its own set of functions.
– Monster Inc is a long lasting CC cushion to cover blemishes and promote anti-wrinkle and firmess
– Mickey BB cushion for coverage
– Winnie the Pooh CC cushion is for moisture & has cooling effects
All 3 of them comes with UV protection, and are priced at KRW $20,000 each (Approx SGD $24).


The face shop x disney


For a healthy, youthful glow, choose from pink and red shades available in blush pots and watery lip tints that come with Mickey Mouse ears. Complete the full set with the mascara that is designed with a matching Mickey cap. Its “all-proof” formula ensures your lashes stay weather and tear-proof throughout the day – no more smudgy black panda eyes in Singapore’s humid weather.


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The range will be released at The Face Shop outlets in South Korea, this July 2016. We’ll update this space once we get more information.

As of now, we have no news on whether this collection will be launched in Singapore, so be sure to get your hands on them by putting in your Airfrov request in advance!



Image source: ecom0920