Girls, if you’ve ever faced the struggle of getting gifts for the men in your life, rest assured we know exactly how you feel. Will we ever know what exactly are the perfect presents for your man? Why, yes. Yes indeed. Over at Airfrov, we’ve streamlined the many product requests that we get every day to determine the best ones that will appeal to different personality types.

Sit tight, and enjoy our definitive gift guide below:

LEGO Snowglobe

Know of that one dude who can’t get his hands of LEGO kits? Add yet another to his collection! This LEGO Snowglobe is the perfect gift for this festive season; not only will you get to build it piece-by-piece, there are also snowflake pieces in the globe so that the entire set-up looks just like your usual snowglobe.

US$9.99, from LEGO Brand Store

Nintendo Switch

TV gamers, look out — your next gift might just be Nintendo’s latest gadget, the Nintendo Switch. Players are able to use the controller to play on the big screen, and are also able to go into double-player mode by pulling out both Joy-Con controllers.

US$299.99, from Nintendo

Kindle Paperwhite E-reader

Bookworms will be pleased to know that the ever-popular Kindle Paperwhite E-reader is now part of your shopper’s gift-list. Afraid of the bulkiness of a paperback? The Paperwhite is your solution then. Slip it into your bag and you’re good to read on the go.

US$89.90, from Amazon

Kodak Printomatic Instant Print Camera

As its name suggests, Kodak’s Printomatic camera instantly prints out your captured moments, be it colour or black-and-white. The 10 megapixel point-and-shoot camera does not require any computer connection, cartridges or ink toners. Simply shoot and print!

US$69.99, from Kodak 

Fujifilm QuickSnap Premium Kit

Contrary to popular believe, #filmisnotdead. This premium kit from Fujifilm includes two ISO400 cameras, housed in special edition packaging. No better way to surprise that film photography buff with a limited edition gift!

¥ 1,960 

Moov Now

This nifty fitness gadget is a motion based coach — the in-built technology is able to capture and analyse your movements and help guide you through your fitness journey for optimal results. Guess what, there’s no longer a need for a personal coach with your Moov Now workout coach guiding you along. And best of all, no recharging is needed; the battery life lasts for a good 6 months and you can easily replace it when it’s out.

US$59.95, from Moov

Tommy Hilfiger Navy Tee

Just like how us girls have that staple GUCCI tee in our wardrobes, the Tommy Hilfiger Crew Neck tee is that one basic top that every guy needs to have. Casual yet not shabby, you can easily dress it up or down based on the occasion. Plus, not to mention, much cheaper from its origin country too.

UNIQLO Men Kaws x Peanuts Sweatshirt 

The more fun-loving souls will take joy in donning a minimalist KAWS x Peanuts sweatshirt that’s equal parts chic and cute. KAWS is an internationally recognised artist that regularly exhibits in international galleries and museums, and Peanuts, well, pretty sure everyone knows our ever-adorable Snoopy.

US$19.90, from UNIQLO

SPAO x Pokemon Hoodie

Want to flaunt your Pokefan status in a subtle and fashionable way? Go for the SPAO x Pokemon hoodies, where little embroidery of fan-favourite Pokemon can be found on the right chest and sleeve area. Nothing gaudy, everything chic.

19,900 Won, from SPAO

Bottega Veneta Bi-Fold Men’s Wallet

Crafted in sleek VN calf leather, the classic bi-fold men’s wallet from Bottega Veneta is right on its way to becoming your man’s next fashion staple. Simple and minimalist, the signature criss-cross design boasts a smooth leather interior with 8 credit card slots and 4 essential compartments. There are multiple colours available, and purchasing them via Airfrov ensures that you get your goods at a cheaper price after tax refund too!

EUR 360, from Bottega Veneta

ITHINKSO Weekender Multi Handy

The last thing that we’d want happening to us on a trip is things going missing. How often have you lost your earphones — or even worse — phones, just because you can’t remember where you last left them? Stop all that misplacing by storing everything into a compact pouch by Korean label ITHINKSO. It’s cozy enough to house your daily necessities, yet nifty enough for you to travel light on the go.

18,000 Won, from ITHINKSO 

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