Ever since the launch of Airfrov, the team has received several interesting requests we would never have expected coming. These include detergents and bath balls from Germany, Jam from Bali, Bleach Shampoo from the UK, and now we got Nanoblocks!

When he was young, Jian Hui got the chance to enter a casino on a ship with his family(it’s off the island so it’s legit). The little boy got lucky and won a few thousand dollars at the slot machines. The crowd cheered and applauded him for his win, boosting his confidence. With the winnings, his dad bought him an expensive lego set of Singapore’s Changi Airport. He assembled the set on his own, and still kept it till today.
Since the first lego set given to him from his dad, Jian Hui had enjoyed building lego sets and nanoblocks. He particularly enjoys building challenging, complicated sets of buildings and ships such as sky tower and titanic. After doing price comparisons, he found out that Japan retails nanoblocks for about 30-50% cheaper than that of Singapore’s. Hence, he got the Airfrov community for help to purchase them from Japan!


Nanoblock Himeiji Castle

Nanoblock Neuschwanstein Castle Deluxe Edition











When asked what’s the next item he would like to Airfrov back next, “definitely more collectibles and food from overseas!” said Jian Hui. The avid collector also shares his tips on using Airfrov “Give it a try!”
He claims that he usually has plenty of space in his luggage bag, we hope to have Jian Hui take on a traveller role next!

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