Chloe was one of the pioneer users of Airfrov. When we first started out, we received regular requests for snacks such as Tokyo banana and Garrett popcorn from Japan. Besides these items, Chloe also requested for unique items such as chocolates from the UK and hand-drawn sarong from Indonesia. We caught Chloe for a short interview, to find out where she got these inspirations from!

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Tell us 5 quick facts about yourself!

Fun, a good sense of humour, love shopping (both online and in stores), loves to travel, enjoys fixing jigsaw puzzle
Tell us more on what caught your eye about Airfrov and makes you want to try it
The first time I heard about Airfrov is on Facebook. I saw someone ordering tokyo banana from japan and it immediately caught my attention. So on that very day I signed up to Airfrov and so far i’m loving the service.
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Describe your first transaction/experience with Airfrov 

The first thing I bought on Airfrov was tokyo banana brownies and matcha popcorn (garrett’s popcorn). The transaction was smooth until I had to collect it from Airfrov’s office. The address wasn’t clear that the office was in another building. Had a hard time finding the place.
(Airfrov’s note: We do agree that for the first-time visitor, it might be difficult to find Airfrov’s office as we are on the second floor of a service apartment/shophouse. We have therefore included google map in our About Us section with a clear Airfrov signature infront of our door. Thanks Chloe for the feedback!)
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What are your inspiration for the various requests that you have put up?

I didn’t have an inspiration. I just wanted all those, except for the cake pops, for quite awhile but just didn’t have time to travel overseas to get it. As for the cake pops, I saw it on a show (shark tank) and wanted to try it so i thought just try requesting hopefully some kind soul would help me to purchased it
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If price/size/weight of the item is not an issue, what’s the one item you wish to have it Airfrov back? 
Dim Sum from Hong kong!
How did Airfrov change your life? 
I have saved a lot on shipping for the items i purchased and I don’t have to travel to different country to satisfy my needs or cravings : D
What’s the most challenging request you have put up so far?
The cake pops. I have no idea whether is it allowed to be airfrov-ed back.
When you next travel, will you help other airfrov users to bring products back from overseas? Why?

Definitely. Is a pleasure helping people just like how the buyers helped me bring back those stuff i requested for. (We hope Chloe can help to bring back more Tokyo bananas !)

One tip or recommendation that you would like to give other Airfrov users?
Google for different places that sell your products before requesting for the buyers to help you purchase. As there’s many websites  out there with different prices. And you may get a good deal if you do a little more searching.
Check out what other items Chloe requested for:
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Inspired to get some items from overseas like what Chloe did?
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