Wood watches are the newest trend invading the scene and we’re all for it! However, this new fad comes with a number of myths and taboo. Many believe wood watches to be heavy or ugly, but that’s never the case with Tempus Wood Watches. Tempus Wood is a up and coming watchmaker from Hong Kong and its watches are handcrafted by skilled artisans from 100% vegan leather and all-natural reclaimed wood. Additionally, each stylish and unique conversation piece is designed for any setting.

In case you’re still hesitant in jumping on the bandwagon, here are five myths dispelled by Tempus Wood.

Myth 1) Wood watches are heavy

Not necessarily! As heavy as they look, wood watches are surprisingly lightweight. In fact, each Tempus Wood watch weighs only about 25 grams! That’s great news for your wrists.

Myth 2) Wood watches are expensive

Tempus Wood Watches

There is a certain elegance to wood watches, so its no wonder why people assume that wood watches come with a hefty pricetag. The price of Tempus Wood Watches range from $59.99-79.99 usd. What’s more, you can save up to $19 sgd per watch with Airfrov’s pair deal!

Myth 3) Wood watches are out of fashion

Tempus Wood Watches

Who says wood watches are out of fashion? With the Tempus Wood Watches, you will find yourself trying to include your arm candy in your Instagram #flatlay and #foodporn.

Myth 4) Wood watches are unadjustable

Tempus Wood Watches

Nope! All you need are simple watch band adjustment tools (included with each watch purchased from Tempus Wood) and you can have your watch adjusted to fit your wrist perfectly!

Myth 5) Wood watches are only for certain occasions

The beauty of Tempus Wood Watches is how versatile their designs are. No matter which design you pick, it will surely be perfect for all occasions, be it a formal event or just a casual day out!

For Valentines’ Day this year, why not gift your loved one with a lovely eco-friendly watch from Tempus Wood? Click on the image below to join the spree on Airfrov!

Tempus Wood Watches spree


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