Her first leading role in a drama was in 2008 when she acted alongside Tay Ping Hui and Joanne Peh in The Truth. Fast forward 10 years later and award-winning actress Rebecca Lim still looks like she hasn’t aged a day. If we were to be honest, we would even say that she looks even younger today than she did a decade ago.

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Rebecca Lim with Joanne Peh in 2008 (cr: A Jolly Affair)
Rebecca Lim with Pierre Png in Missing, 2018 (cr: Toggle)

So what exactly is Rebecca’s secret to everlasting youth? Is it the sacrifice of baby animals? Did she sell her soul to the devil in exchange for eternal youth? Nope, nothing of that sort.

Swisse Vitamins: Women’s Ultivite Multivitamin

Despite her hectic schedule, Rebecca Lim gives credit to Swisse Vitamins for keeping her in the pink of health: “The nature of my work makes it imperative that I stay energized, so I take my vitamins and supplements to keep my mind and body healthy and strong.”


The women’s ultivite multivitamin is a comprehensive supplement that consists of 40 ingredients, including vitamins, minerals, extracts of natural herbs and other nutrients. Some of the notable ingredients include vitamin B6, vitamin C, Magnesium, Iron and Folic Acid that reduces fatigue and tiredness, vitamin D3 that supports healthy bones and teeth, as well as Selenium and Zinc that supports immunity.

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Swisse Vitamins: Hair Skin Nails +

In an interview with Shape, Rebecca claimed that Swisse Vitamins for Hair Skin Nails + is the first beauty supplement she tried and have been consuming it religiously ever since. According to Rebecca, it took 2 weeks before she saw results from consuming the Swisse Hair Skin Nails + vitamins: “It took two weeks before I noticed there was less hair fall and breakage. I use a hot iron on my hair every day when I’m filming. I have to do that. And it resulted in a lot of hair breakage. It was a significant decrease in hair damage.

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Alongside products by renowned brands like SKII and Chanel, supplements by Swisse Vitamins are also beauty essentials when Rebecca travels!

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