If you’re a fan of Duffy the Bear and his friends, you’ll know that Tokyo DisneySea introduced Duffy’s new friend, Stella Lou just a few months back. The lavender bunny has been popular with the crowd since her debut in March 30. And just a few weeks back, over 10 new Stella Lou merchandises were added to their Tokyo DisneySea stores.

Duffy the Bear and Friends - Stella Lou

Here’s what you can find:

Stella Lou Merchandises - Bags and Pouches

Bags and Pouches

They have pouches in all sorts of sizes. The lavender colour adds a sweet touch to the designs which also feature Stella Lou, the main star who is simply cuteness overload!

Pouches (set of 2) (Large: 25cm x 20cm | Small: 18cm x 14 cm) – ¥1,600

Mini tote bag (29cm x 21cm x 11cm) – ¥3,200

Phone case (with 2 card pockets) (15cm x 8cm) – ¥3,300

Pouch with blueberry flavoured candy (5 pieces) – ¥1,600

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Work and studies will never be boring with these adorable stationery. The notepads set is the cutest of them all. Fold up Stella Lou and the notepad would make the perfect cards for you to write your messages on.

Folders Set (A4 & A5) – ¥700

Notepads (set of 4 – 30pcs each) – ¥600

Memo Stand – ¥1,900

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Stella Lou Merchandises - Household and Beauty

Household & Beauty

Brighten up your house with items such as the star cushion and towels. Beauty products such as the mirror and lip balm are also available in the new collection.
And, can we all just stop for a moment and appreciate the dainty pink ballet shoe that is actually a pouch for the lip balm? The pouch can also double as a coin purse or simply a bag charm.

Star cushion (41cm x 42cm x 13cm) – ¥3,100

Face towel (35cm x 34cm) – ¥1,600

Big towel (80cm x 34cm) – ¥1,100

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Mirror (18cm x 14cm x 9.5cm) – ¥7,000

Lip balm (with small pouch) – ¥1,900

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Stella Lou Plushies


Although these items aren’t new, they are definitely worth mentioning again. Don’t you wish you can hug the fluffy Stella Lou plush doll to sleep? You can even dress her up with an aqua tutu and a pair of pink ballet shoes so she can fulfil her dreams of becoming a dancer! The keychains are also great alternatives if you prefer to bring her along everywhere you go.

Plush doll (43cm including ears) – ¥3,900

Costume set (without plush doll) – ¥1,600

Standing Stella Lou keychain (19cm) – ¥1,500

Sitting Stella Lou keychain (14cm) – ¥1,300

Psst! There are a few stocks for standing and sitting Stella Lou keychains at the Airfrov office so if you’re interested, you can skip the wait by dropping us a Facebook message. – while stocks last!

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(Image sources: Tokyo Disney Resort)

Duffy might have stolen our hearts when he was first introduced more than a decade ago, there’s still plenty of room for Duffy’s friends! These Stella Lou merchandises may only be available in Tokyo DisneySea, but you can get them from Singapore too. Airfrov travellers who are going to Japan can help you to bring them back.

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