The hot weather might be a norm here in Singapore but it’s nothing an iced coffee can’t fix. Starbucks Taiwan and American lifestyle brand,’s recent collaboration allows you to stay fashionable even while holding a boring cup of iced coffee. The Starbucks X Tropical Summer Collection features several new items including coffee mugs and cups, stationeries and accessories.

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Starbucks X Coffee Mugs and Cups

1. Summer Flowers Mug – 850TWD

2. Good Times Mug – 850TWD

3. Summer Flowers Cup – 450TWD

4. Good Times Cup – 450TWD

Starbucks X Stationeries and Accessories

5. Good Times Tote Bag – 1,000TWD

6. Notebook Set – 600TWD

7. Summer Flowers Coasters – 600TWD

8. Summer Flowers Pencil Case – 600TWD

9. Summer Flowers Passport Cover – 1,000TWD

10. Summer Flowers Luggage Tag – 500TWD

(Image sources: Starbucks Taiwan)

The Starbucks X collection is suitable for all coffee and non-coffee lovers alike. If you are interested but you won’t be travelling to Taiwan soon, why not get our travellers to help? These colourful tropical prints might just help you stand out from the crowd.

Get them before they launch in Singapore!


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