Our love for Starbucks’ mugs and tumblers is no secret, and this collection from Starbucks Taiwan has got to be the craziest yet.

Starbucks Taiwan's 19th Anniversary Collection


Starbucks Taiwan has just released a new collection in commemoration of their 19th Anniversary in the country. And the designs have got to be one of the wackiest we’ve seen. They’ve included carbonised illustrations and even jumped onto the 2D illusion trend with their latest mugs.

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So if you’re tired of the regular starbucks mugs, this fun new collection is definitely a must have. One of our personal favourite pieces is the Bearista Double Walled Cup! I mean – What’s better than waking up to a cup of coffee in an incredibly cute cup?


Starbucks Taiwan Bearista Double Walled Mug

Need to get one of these yet? While the collection won’t be launched in Singapore, you can still get it from Airfrov! Just place a request and you’re good to go!


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Image sources: Starbucks Taiwan