Shortly after the first wave of Christmas Collection launched in South Korea, Starbucks Taiwan has released their very own snowy collection. Featuring gingerbread man, snowman, polar bears and forest fox, these thematic mugs and tumblers are even more irresistible due to their unavailability in Starbucks Singapore.

If you like any of the below Christmas mugs & tumblers from Taiwan, get an Airfrov traveller to help you buy!




starbucks taiwan christmas 2016Polar Penguin Mug, Snow Polar Bear MugForest Fennec mugGingerbread Man Mug Feast
TWD $400 Each

starbucks taiwan christmas 2016
Sen Make Winter Cup TWD $600, White Scarf Bear Mug TWD $550, 
Happy Bear Mug TWD $600, gingerbread mug TWD $420

starbucks taiwan christmas 2016

Christmas snowman cold kettle double cover TWD $980, Christmas blessings Snowball Fun Cup TWD $550, Christmas play rotating accompanying cup TWD $500

starbucks taiwan christmas 2016

Portable bottle golden shine TWD $1400, Fun ice portable bottle TWD $1400, Forest penguins carry bottles TWD $1400, Polar bears carry 400ml bottle TWD $1380, 400ml bottle carry snowman TWD $1380

starbucks taiwan christmas 2016

BEARISTA silicone coasters TWD $220, Forest Fennec silicone coasters TWD $220,  Polar Penguin silicone lid TWD $400, Freeze snowman silicone lid TWD $400

starbucks taiwan christmas 2016

 Snow polar bear grip stainless steel cupForest Fennec handle stainless steel cup TWD $900 each

  starbucks taiwan christmas 2016

This collection is available in physical Starbucks stores in Taiwan, and on their online store. Online purchases between 3 – 16 Nov above TWD $999 also entitles you to a free gift card and purchases above TWD $1500 comes with a Free muddler.

The previous Starbucks Korea Christmas collection was sold out within 1-2 days. Be quick to place your order with our travellers if you fancy the above Christmas collection!

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