We’re all excited that Chinese New Year is coming round the corner, it looks like we’re not the only ones! Starbucks Korea has just released their New Year’s collection and their new Logo Coin Purse couldn’t be more precious.

starbucks Logo Coin Purse: Silver Logo Coin Purse Close-Up

(Source: @jh50201)

The Starbucks Logo Coin Purses come in either a pretty, almost rose gold shade for those who prefer a more warm, feminine piece. They are also available in a bright silver if you prefer a cooler vibe. Whichever colour you choose though, these colours are so versatile you can be sure they’ll match with nearly any outfit.

starbucks Logo Coin Purse: Logo Coin Purse Colours

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The cute Logo Coin Purse is not only completely Instagram-worthy, they’re also perfect for storing makeup, ear pieces, or any small loose items that could possibly get lost in the abyss of our bags. They could even replace your bags on your lazy errand days.

starbucks Logo Coin Purse: Features of Logo Coin Purse

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And if that’s not enough, the Starbucks Logo Coin Purse would set you back by 8900 won (that’s only about $10!)

What’s in it?
Open up the pouch to reveal 6 chocolate coins wrapped in golden/silver foil, just like those we used to have in Singapore! News from those who have gotten themselves one of these purses tells us that the chocolate coins are really yummy too!

starbucks Logo Coin Purse

(Source: iam_alicenim)

Ready to fly to Korea to get your hands on one of these gorgeous coin purses yet? Well, you don’t have to! Airfrov’s got you covered. Just send in a request for a purse from one of our travelers, and you can get one without even leaving Singapore!

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starbucks Logo Coin Purse