Starbucks has got it right yet again – with their newly released range of U.S. states tumblers. We can’t help feeling enamoured by the designs which evoke a strong nostalgia for a holiday spot we’ve spent our summer at. Part of the Starbucks Local Collection, each tumbler highlights the cities and states we love.

Starbucks US Local collection tumblers

From the breath-taking harbours of North Carolina to the rocky mountain wilderness of Idaho, there is one to suit every profile. Beach bum, city slicker or nature lover? Which is your favourite tumbler?

Starbucks US Local collection tumblers

Highlighting the distinctive trademark of each city, the designs on these double-walled ceramic Starbucks tumblers capture the beauty of each state through vibrant colours and illustrations. They come complete with a travel-friendly press-in lid and silicone seal that helps to prevent spills. With a capacity of 355ml to hold your daily caffeine fix – it’s the perfect mug to display at your workplace while you reminisce memories.

Here are top 3 that caught our eyes:

Starbucks US Local collection tumblers

Los Angeles Double Wall Traveler, 12 fl oz
A closeup of a city girl’s face with “LOS ANGELES” and palm trees inscribed in the mirror lenses of her blue sunglasses. Starbucks says “she sips an iced Starbucks beverage—and so can you”

Starbucks US Local collection tumblers

Miami Double Wall Traveler, 12 fl oz
Miami’s iconic flamingo, pink sunset and palm tree silhouettes is where we’ll be dreaming off while sipping a cuppa coffee from this mug. Click here to Request for a Traveller to help you buy 

Starbucks US Local collection tumblers

Waikiki Double Wall Traveler, 12 fl oz
This vintage inspired prints depicting the palm trees of O’ahu’s famous beachfront is an instant mood lifter!


These Tumblers are available at U.S Starbucks stores and online for US$22.95.

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