Our wallets are pretty empty right now after multiple waves of Spring & Sakura tumbler launches by Starbucks Japan and Korea. Just check out their recent collections below and it should be clear to anyone why we have a love-hate relationship with them.

Shortly after their Spring collection, Starbucks Korea added a new marble-theme series into their Core collection on 23 Feb 2018 and it has been in high demand since. Unfortunately for many of us, this gorgeous collection is exclusive to Starbucks Korea only! But fret not, we have a solution for you below!

The new Starbucks Korea Marble collection includes to-go tumbler, thermos and coffee mugs in white marble gradient with rose-gold accents.

As compared to their Spring and Sakura collections, we love these even more because they are classics designs that will never run of styles or seasons.

From L:R
JNO Marble white thermos 500ml KRW $38,000| Marble white iconic tumbler 473ml KRW $18,000
SS DW Classic to go tumbler 473ml KRW $31,000| SS Elma Classic white tumbler 355ml KRW $31,000

Photo: Instagram/sm_kim
Marble white mug 355 ml KRW $16,000
At a cost price of approx $22-24 (taking into consideration conversion and credit card transaction fees), travellers on Airfrov are offering to help you purchase this white mug for approx SGD $30. That’s a pretty reasonable price as compared to an air ticket to Korea!



Photo: Instagram/banss130

It is not clear for how long Starbucks Korea will keep this collection on their shelves, so we suggest you move fast if you really want to get one of these. As of today, some of the stores in S.Korea have already ran out of them. You can try your luck with your friends heading there soon, or ask for help on Airfrov! With a huge pool of travellers posting their trips there, you may have a higher chance of securing a traveller who’s there right now.

All you have to do is click on “I want this too” on this link and a “shopping task” will be created and customised for you!

Need more details? Here’s how it works:


Good luck and happy shopping!