Here at Airfrov, we all know how much you love a good Starbucks mug or tumbler. As usual, we’ve got the latest scoop on the next release in Starbucks Korea! Featured in the Starbucks Korea Summer 1st Collection are beautiful pastel hues in blue and pink, as well as some bright tropical colours to celebrate the summer! (Well here in Singapore it’s always summer, so I guess you could use these all year round!)

Keep scrolling to view the designs, and click the link below the images to request for yours!

starbucks korea 1st summer


1. Elma Summer Girl Tumbler (473ml) – $62
2. Summer Siren Zia Waterbottle (591ml) -$40
3. Summer Girl Sunny Watterbottle (500ml) – $42
4. Summer Pink Lena Waterbottle (591ml) – $58
5. JNO Summer Pastel Blue Siren Thermos (350ml) -$68
6. JNO Summer Pink Siren Thermos (500ml) -$68

starbucks korea 1st summer


7. Summer Watermelon Cold Cup (355ml) – $40
8. Strawberry Lena Coldcup (473ml) – $48
9. Strawberry Lena Coldcup (473ml) – $48
10. Summer Strawberry Cold Cup (473ml) -$42
11. Summer Whipcream Pink Coldcup (591ml) – $48
12. Summer Girl Glitter Cold Cup (650ml) – $60

starbucks korea 1st summer

13. Summer Girl Ice-cream Demi Mug (89ml) – $30
14. Summer Girl Whipping Cream Demi Mug (89ml) – $30
15. Watermelon Bowl and Plate – $48
16. Summer Strawberry Cold Cup Keychain – $20
17. Summer Watermelon Cold Cup Keychain – $20
18. Summer Girl Watermelon Mug (355ml) -$36starbucks korea 1st summer

19. Summer Yellow Cold Cup (473ml) – $55
20. Elma Summer Siren Tumbler (355ml) – $55
21. Yellow Diamond Sunny Waterbottle (500ml) – $39
22. Silver Wordmark Strap Tumbler (473ml) – $45

Tempted? Can’t decide which you like more? Click the link below to see the Starbucks items requested for on Airfrov!

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