Have you tried the rainbow roots or hidden rainbow hair trend?

If you’ve still not tried it because of how bleaching can damage your hair, you’re not alone. Dark hair colors like ours require hours of bleaching and the use of peroxide to oxidise the color of our naturally dark hair.

This week, Splat – a boxed hair color specialist in U.S, made a major announcement that’s gonna change our lives.

Splat midnight hair color without bleach

Known as the Splat’s midnight collection, the new boxed dye allows brunettes (or asian with black hair like ours) to color their hair a bright hue, without bleaching. Yes, you read that right. Besides the absence of bleach, it can even do good for your hair. Loaded with conditioning ingredients, the gentle & semi-permanent formula can help nourish your hair and give you the vivid color you’ve dreamt for, for up to 8 weeks.

Launched exclusively at Target stores for USD $8.99 each, each box takes only 45 mins to transform your hair into Amethyst (a deep violet), Ruby (a black cherry red), or Indigo (a navy blue). There are only 3 choices available at launch but we hope there’ll be new amazing colors coming up.

Where to get Splat Midnight Collection in Singapore? 
We know that many of you cannot wait to try it already. Don’t worry that they don’t ship to Singapore, just ask an Airfrov traveller for help! Each box retails for USD $8.99 = Approx SGD $14 after tax & conversion. Our travellers are offering to help you buy at approx $20 – $25 per box. Get yours before they get sold out!

Here’s how to get one via Airfrov Travellers 
1) Click on “I want this too” in this link to copy request
You can select your collection method & willing to pay price at this step. (willing to pay price includes cost of the item + tips to travellers)
2) It will post a job ad to travellers who are going to the U.S
3) Wait for a traveller to offer help (check your email or Airfrov app for notification)
4) Accept the offer if you’re agreeable to traveller’s offer price & return date. Place a full deposit which will be held securely by Airfrov.
5) Wait for traveller’s return!

Ready? Order now:

Splat midnight hair color without bleach