It’s the time of the year to put dieting on hold, to indulge in life little sweetness, to share the moment with your loved ones!

Here are some of our favourite tidbits that you can get it for your family, instead of the usual suspects!


1. Tokyo Banana (Sponge Cake / Twiggie with a sweet core)

This intoxicating Banana Snack which is actually more sponge cake than fruit is all the craze now!~

It’s sweet to the core with a banana flavoured caramel custard right in the middle plus the spongy cake exterior – everything just shouts AWESOME.

The flaw? It expires within 7-10days from retail stores!! How to get it?

We got travellers coming back weekly from Japan who can help you get it.

That means you cannot stock up 1 month before Chinese New Year – but it also means it represents an excellent gift. It shows that you took the heart to get ‘the world best banana’ for your family and friends!

Different Flavour of Tokyo Banana

P.S it contains 0.01% alcohol – probably that explains its addictiveness!!


2. Shiroi Koibito White Lover (Langue De Chat)

This Japanese made french pastries which first originate from Hokkaido is now almost ubiquitous in all souvenir shop in Japan.

It comes with Dark Chocolate or White Chocolate Variant. Light and crispy, yet soft and tasty on the inside.

Perhaps due to its omnipresence, the crave for it seems to have taper off a little. Nonetheless, it still presents a great gift – right from Japan!

The best thing, it can last up to 2-3 months. Which probably means you can stock them up right now!


Shiroi Koibito (White lover)


3. 江記華隆猪肉纸  - (Jiang Ji Hua Long Zhu Rou Zhi)

The Taiwanese only BBQ pork slices that is so thin and crispy that you wouldn’t believe how it can be made! So brittle that you probably will notice it boxes are labelled “Fragile! Handle with care”. I will say, do handle it with care with your family, else it will be gone before you know it!